indoor shopping malls reopen

Non-essential retail shops reopened for in-person shopping this past Monday but malls remained closed, with only curbside as an option. But today Governor Murphy announced that indoor shopping malls will be able to reopen starting on June 29th, with a few exceptions and a host of safety rules.

The indoor shopping malls can reopen all their retail stores, as long as they are businesses that currently comply with state restrictions. This means that arcades and amusement rides will stay closed. Movie theaters or theaters in general will still remain closed. 

If you’re  heading to the mall, bring your own  snacks and drinks, because food courts must remain closed and taped off. Restaurants in the mall that have been open can continue to provide food for takeout or outdoor dining only. 

Masks or face coverings are required for all customers entering the mall, as well as employees. All stores are limited to 50 percent capacity. Murphy also encouraged malls to come up with a plan for entrance and exit only points, and to help with the flow of guests. He suggested malls implement signs similar to what is in grocery stores. Those signs direct people which way to head, and to exit only spots to help with social distancing policies. Additionally, hand sanitizer must be made available at entrances/exits for all shoppers.


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