Living In Asbury Park

NJF: What do you do for work
MS: I’m the executive chef and owner of the Marilyn Schlossbach Group—I operate five restaurants on the Shore: Asbury Park Yacht Club; Labrador Lounge in Normandy Beach; Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park; Libby’s Beach Shack on the Asbury Park Boardwalk and Pop’s Garage in Asbury Park and Shrewsbury. My husband designs and prints surfboards and also helps operate Lightly Salted Surf Mercado, our surf shop and art gallery on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. He exhibits his own art there, too.

NJF: Why did you choose Asbury Park? 
MS: I’ve been coming to Asbury Park my whole life. As Asbury went through its rough patches, we kept an eye on it because we knew it had the potential to return to the amazing Jersey Shore town it once was. Its architecture and infrastructure are beautiful, and the community is really close-knit. There’s so much to do here and we love the gorgeous beach! My husband and I both surf and love that we can ride our bikes to the restaurants, beach and stores. There’s a perfect balance of art, music, food and the sea in Asbury. You can’t find that many other places. 

NJF: How do you handle childcare?
MS: We’re pretty good at splitting up the duties. In the morning, I get the girls dressed and ready for daycare (we pay about $1,400 a month total), then Scott drops them off. In the afternoon when he’s done with work, Scott will pick them up and bring them home or wherever I’m working. 

NJF: What is the best thing about raising kids here? 
MS: We have fantastic [state-funded] Abbott preschools. We like that they’re exposed to a lot of diversity—of course, being able to take them to the beach every day is a bonus, too! 

NJF: What’s a typical night like?
MS: I try to get home by 8 or 9 pm.  Some nights, I work the line at one of the restaurants. Those nights I might have to stay a little later since I’m cooking.  But we always make time for dinner with the girls, no matter what’s on the agenda. It’s nice, because Scott and the girls can come to the restaurant, have dinner and spend time with me while I work. 

NJF: What do you do for date night? 
MS: Our friends will join us at one of our restaurants—either Langosta Lounge or Pop’s Garage—for dinner and cocktails. In the summer, we go to the Stone Pony (Ocean Ave.) to catch an outdoor concert, The ShowRoom (Cookman Ave.) to watch an independent film or go bowling at Asbury Lanes (4th Ave.). 

 —As told to Christine Coppa


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