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Lori E. Arons, Esq.

Specialty: Special Education Law

Lori E. Arons understands the plight of parents of children with special needs firsthand. “My kids were born with disabilities, and I ran into the same brick walls everyone else does. Even with the advantage of being a lawyer, navigating the process was difficult,” she says. “I’m compelled to use my knowledge and experience to help children get the services they need.” Passionate about empowering families, she strives to help clients obtain appropriate educational services quickly and efficiently to ease the emotional and financial burden.

Arons holds a certificate from William & Mary Law School Institute of Special Education Advocacy, is a member of New Jersey Special Education Practitioners, and was named by NJBIZ as one of the 2019 Power 50 in Education.

“There’s no greater reward than making a positive difference in the life of a child,” she says. “I do it by advocating.”


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"It was a great experience working with Lori, she made what was a very difficult situation much more palatable. She was very understanding of what we were going through. Lori has an amazing grasp of the law and made it very easy for us to understand so we were able to make the best decisions. Lori is always accessible anytime time of day, and even the night. I could not imagine working with anyone else." -J.Y., Closter

"Selecting Lori Arons as our attorney was one of the best decisions we made in securing FAPE for our son with Autism. Lori displayed a complete understanding of education law and showed patience, understanding and compassion during our frustrating litigation with the school district. She was always readily available and never hesitated to explain things (multiple times) that we didn’t understand. We truly feel Lori is excellent at her job, because of her own personal experience in securing FAPE for her own child. Lori understands the emotional roller coaster that special needs parents go through. Her own personal experience combined with her legal prowess, make her a force to be reckoned with and we highly recommend her." -K.M., Teaneck

"As an advocate looking for someone to represent my own child, I was an informed and demanding client, not to mention emotionally distraught. But Lori was exactly the WonderWoman I needed! I walked into Lori's office exhausted by my attempts to get my struggling twice-exceptional son's needs met. Before that first meeting ended Lori was on the phone putting a plan into action that would achieve my goals, preserve my sanity and not empty my dwindling bank account. In the weeks that followed Lori continued to prove herself to be compassionate, tenacious, knowledgable, strategic and always readily available. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Let's face it. What matters most is results. What Lori achieved for my child was groundbreaking in my district. I was told repeatedly by others that what I was asking for would never happen. Well those skeptics "never" hired Lori." -R.K., Montvale

"Working with Lori was a very positive experience. She always made sure that we as the parents were comfortable with her strategy to secure a FAPE for our 5 year old child with autism. She wasn't only strategic and smart over the year that we worked with her; she was also kind, thoughtful and understanding. Lori worked hard to help our daughter. She was easily reachable by phone or email, never rushed any of our meetings, and made sure to answer all of our questions. I would sincerely recommend Lori to any family who needs help with their child's special education needs. Her depth of knowledge in New Jersey special education law together with her compassion and drive to help our daughter resulted in placement at a prominent out-of-district private school. We will forever be grateful to Lori for helping our daughter at a vital time in her development." -J.S., Ridgewood

"Lori was amazing! We were struggling to get even the most basic cooperation from our school: limiting the access of a private evaluator, delays in scheduling, threats to not pay independent evaluators that they agreed to pay for etc. Throughout our struggles, Lori was extremely speedy, jumping into action and responding immediately to the issue at hand. AND, getting results with her professionalism, swift response, understanding of the law and precedents, and basically letting the school and their lawyers know that we meant business and were not going to be put off. We are extremely grateful to Lori for her expertise, her guidance, and commitment to helping our son receive the education he deserves." -C.D., Guttenberg

"I sought Lori Arons' help when our school district was dragging its feet in proceeding with the out-of-district placement they had promised for my daughter. Lori was careful, patient, and kind through the process of investigating the case and then seeking a quick and positive resolution, and she was extremely well versed in the specifics of cases such as ours. In the end we did not need to proceed with a costly, time-consuming claim. I was in great hands and it was a relief to not need to figure out next steps on my own. I recommend Lori enthusiastically." -L.H., Montclair

"Lori Arons is absolutely amazing! I was so blessed to find a special education lawyer who was not only a great lawyer, but also a great source of support for me and my family during the challenging time. She is not only a great attorney, but a good person, which is not easy to find. She was constantly accessible to me and always answered any questions I had with kindness and never made me feel silly for asking her to explain things to me until I understood them. She is one tough chick with a heart of gold! She knows the law and got my son the placement he needed! I highly recommend Lori Arons, you need this woman on your team!" -D.T., Wayne

"Lori’s expertise in the field of special education law assisted my daughter with a life altering situation she was facing at her High School. Ultimately, the decision went in our favor and I cannot express how thrilled we are to have come across Lori. Lori is compassionate and caring, but also straight forward with the process. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in this area." -S.G., Westwood

"Lori, We are forever grateful to you! Thank you for all you did for us to get out school district to agree to a classification for Sammi. We truly appreciate all your help with the letters to CST as well as your participation in our last meeting with the school. Your knowledge, patience and determination on our final goal of getting her classified was evident since day 1. Thank you again!" -M.S., Montague

"It was great working with Lori, she helped us to feel at ease during a very difficult situation. She dealt with all of the complexities and filtered out all the chaos for us so we could just focus on our son. She moved everything along efficiently and quickly in order to ensure that our son was able to get the most effective learning environment in an appropriate time frame. My favorite thing about working with Lori was that she personalized everything for our son and our family. We were not simply a number to her. She handled our case with compassion and personalized service. Her knowledge of "the system" was impressive, and through her knowledge she was able to help educate us as well. I would recommend Lori to anyone with a special needs child. Even if you "think" your child is getting what they need, you might be surprised to find that they are entitled to much more. Children with special needs can be a very vulnerable group. They need great guidance and advocacy from people like Lori to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential." -J.P., River Vale

"I highly recommend Ms. Lori Arons for legal services in the special education laws without any reservation. I have struggled with the school district for 8~9 years about my son's case. Because a spot in a good school is momentary with a long waiting list, and school districts may easily destroy a nice opportunity if you cannot secure the spot in a timely fashion. Therefore, my son could not have an appropriate school for years and ended up staying home-school for the past 3 years. When I learned a very nice spot becomes available recently, my first reaction is to find a nice lawyer to represent us as we had some unsuccessful experience before. Per my friend's recommendation, I reached Ms. Arons. She is very knowledgeable and considerate about the schools, special-need kid's parents, programs, and legal issues. She has sympathy with parents but can provide objective and comprehensive analysis of all possibilities. In the process, she was very reachable. She provided wise advice and took actions timely. Eventually, my son secured the spot within one month. It has been the happiest moment for my family and I believe it will be life-change point in my son's life. Thank you - Ms. Arons." -H.Y., Tenafly

"Lori is a very experienced special education attorney who is patient, knowledgeable, and has "all the tools" to get your child a FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Experience). From the initial consultation to the settlement conference in court, Lori anticipated every action the school district took and was prepared to get our son the education and out-of-district placement he was entitled to. Lori is easy to approach and explains to the parents the steps in layman's terms to contest the school district's IEP recommendations. Her fees are reasonable and she is conscious of maximizing her services in the minimum amount of time needed to obtain your goals on behalf of your child. If you are in need of a Special Education attorney, you should call Lori Arons so your child has the best chance to either modify his or her IEP or obtain out-of-district placement." -A.T., Wayne

"Lori is excellent and very friendly. She has both very knowledge about the special education law and the legal law. I first reached her out by doing my own search a year ago, but didn’t meet her that time. Then a year later, I was struggling with legal saturation with the school district, then I sat down with her, she walked through with my saturation and guide me through what will be incoming to deal with the school, then she quickly prepared a letter at our first meeting and guide me through, from the day one school heard her name, I saw the school attitude has gone changed, it’s so amazing, she has found out there were a lot of service that my daughter entitle to was missing, and we were treated unfairly by that. Therefore she has quickly turn the table, and keep me in posts for every steps she deal with the school attorney, and are able to get the service to my daughter that she need within a month. Also she has very warmly heart, she also accommodate our special request that we were able saving little financial cost. Thank you Lori. It’s the best experience to work with you. I wish I have met you sooner. And I highly recommend to everyone." -B.C., Lyndhurst

"When we met Lori Arons we were frustrated with a school district that kept saying “no” to our requests for our child. We wanted to get the appropriate services for our child but the district would not budge. After meeting with Lori and our advocate we felt a renewed sense of hope. Lori is an expert in special education law. She carefully looked through our documents and reassured us that our child had rights. We were ready to take our power back. We decided to advocate for our child’s rights. With Lori’s guidance and advice we were successful in obtaining services for our child. It was a clear message to the district that we knew our child’s rights and we were not intimidated.We are now equipped to stand on our own knowing that Lori and our advocate are there for us. The best thing about working with Lori is her ability to make you feel at ease, like everything’s going to be okay. Her demeanor is calm and confident. She made herself available to us and always answered our questions carefully. She really listened to our concerns. When Lori spoke of our child it was like she knew our child personally even though they never met. We are grateful and blessed to have worked with Lori. We highly recommend her and wish we would have met her sooner." -C.R., Fair Lawn

"Lori Arons is professional, honest, realistic, experienced and knowledgeable in the area of Special Education law in New Jersey. She successfully helped us secure services for our SLD-classified, elementary school-aged son. She is a terrific asset to have on your side when you need to go head-to-head with school districts and fight for your child's educational needs."" -L.S., Tenafly