CLIFF BECKETT / Tulips at Dalton Farms

Seeing tulip bulbs sprout is definitely a highlight of spring. There are more than 150 species of tulips, with over 3,000 naturally occurring and genetically cultivated varieties. They make beautiful arrangements for your dining room table, but since they only bloom naturally for 3-7 days you should trim the stems so they continue to grow in a vase for at least another inch. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can enjoy walking through the fields and taking Insta-worth photos. Read on to learn where you can pick tulips in NJ and for more fun facts at the end.

HEATHER THOMAS / Cape Cottage Garden

Cape Cottage Garden
Although this is a private garden, you can schedule a tour to view the 1.4 acre flower-filled property. Aside from tulips there are snowdrops, scilla, crocuses, daffodils and muscari.

Dalton Farms
660 Oak Grove Rd., Swedesboro
Explore the fields daily from March 30 through April 23, where you can pick from more than 50 different varities of tulips that grow here. The Easter Bunny will hop along the rows April 1, 2 and 8. Then take the Two Bridges Wine, Beer & Spirits Trail on April 22 to sip amongst the flowers.

STAFF PHOTO / Holland Ridge Farms

Holland Ridge Farms
86 Rues Rd., Cream Ridge
Last year’s tickets sold out every weekend, and it’s clear to see why: you can walk amongst 8 million colorful tulips on 300 acres and take photos at 16 different stations, seven days a week. The Jansen family has been in the tulip industry for over 100 years: Great Opa Casey was a bulb grower and seller in Holland and he taught his son, Casey Sr., who came to America as a teen and started a tulip growing business here in NJ. In turn, Sr. taught his son Casey Jr. the tricks of the trade. Together they grow and sell millions of fresh-cut tulips to customers across the U.S. The season will be ending early this year on April 26, so any tickets charged for the weekend after have been refunded.

Johnson’s Corner Farm
133 Church Rd., Medford
Starting April 6, you can take a ride around the farm on the hayride to see the acres of tulips that are planted for the spring. Then, from April 29 to May 2, you can dig up bulbs to plant in your own garden.


Snyders Farm
586 S. Middlebush Rd., Somerset
The beginning of the u-pick season will be determined on the first bloom, but the grand opening and craft festival is set for April 29. There will be a vegan-friendly market sponsored by NJCraftCon. There will be a marketplace with local vendors and food trucks, field activities, pick-your-own in the flower fields and an optional hayride.

Did you know?

  • Tulips are native to central Asia. It wasn’t until 1594 that the first tulip officially bloomed in Holland after a Flemish botanist planted some of his own bulbs.
  • At one point in history, tulips were the most expensive flower in the world. Between 1634 and 1637 it is said tulips cost almost 10 times what an average working-class man earned in a year.
  • On Valentine’s, Day the tulip is the second most popular flower after roses.

Information from Snyder’s Farm.

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