Do your kids love all things Tinkerbell or insist on wearing wings to the mall? Then they’ll love heading into the forest for a short hike to see where the fairies “live.”

To get to the fairy walk at South Mountain in Millburn, look for white marks on the trees from the parking lot (they’re also the signs for the Rahway Trail). Once you’re in the woods, keep a watchful eye out for the new green, fairy-shaped blazes as you go.

You can spot the homes of clever little fairies who set up residence throughout the woods (thanks to some thoughtful local neighbors). Look for ladders popping out of fallen tree stumps or miniature doors nestled in the roots of beautiful trees. Peek inside and you’re in for an adorable treat, with organic creations of tiny furniture for winged creatures to rest after a long day of flying.

It’s an enchanting experience, befitting of a forest that has trails with mysterious names like Thistle Mill Pond and Lilliput Knob. And the walk is perfect for any age, since you can customize it to be as long or short as you want. Stroll the entire Rahway River loop (which is 2 1/4 miles long) and pass breathtaking sites like Hemlock Falls and Maple Falls Cascades. Or take the short route and turn back. Either way, it’s a great, not-too-tough path, ideal for all fairy lovers.



How to Build Your Own Fairy House 

Want to welcome the fairies to your own backyard? Make them a hospitable home! Stick with natural products, in case birds or squirrels decide to use them for nesting—that means no plastic furniture or dolls.

What you’ll need:

Twigs, rocks, tree bark, shells, clay pot, flowers, pine cones, acorns, sea glass, rope, wood glue (and anything else you find to decorate your house!)

• Sketch what you want the house to look like.

•  Gather your materials.

• If you build this for your patio, fill the clay pot with dirt and use it as the base.

• Assemble the twigs in the shape you’d like your house to take. (Use glue or rope to put them together, or small hinges for doors.)

• Paint and decorate as you see fit—fairies love sparkle and color!

• Get creative and make little beds, tables or chairs out of sticks or clay.

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