Everybody loves a good party! And the latest fad in baby showers is a grand “gender reveal” moment, during which the guests learn the sex of the baby. (With a bit of extra planning, it can be a surprise for Mommy and Daddy, too!)

You can incorporate a big reveal in your own festivities by simply opening a sealed ultrasound photo or in a more elaborate (and suspenseful) show of cutting into a frosted cake that’s pink or blue on the inside. (The parents can keep themselves in the dark by supplying a sealed envelope with ultrasound results to the baker.) When the parents-to-be cut the first slice… Surprise! It’s a he! Or a she! 

Plan your perfect bash with these
cute ideas. (And even more at pinterest.com/newjerseyfamily.)

Wear Your Vote!

Have each guest pick a blue or pink bow to wear when they walk in the door. Set up a chalkboard with two columns—one for boy, one for girl. Add sweet pink and blue embellishments, and tally all the votes. After the gender is revealed, guests wearing the correct color win a prize!

A Rousing Good Time

Not into the cake cutting? Try a gender reveal piñata. You heard us right. A pink and blue adorned piñata full of… no, not candy—confetti! Mommy-to-be pulls a string on the piñata and out pour small pieces of pink or blue colored paper.

Box o’ Balloons

Ask a trusted friend to place a dozen pink or blue helium-filled balloons into a large cardboard box or trunk. At the party, open the box and everyone can see what color balloons float out. This is a great
option if you already have children, as they can play a major part in the reveal.

A Little Something Special

Are your parents or grandparents too far away to attend the party? Send them a small brown box in the mail that has either a tiny pink or blue helium balloon enclosed. When they open the box, the baby’s gender will be revealed. Attach a sweet note to the string for a personal touch. This one’s sure to “pop!”