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A licensed doctor of physical therapy (DPT), Dr. Giselle M. Tadros makes her pediatric patients and their parents feel like members of her family. Her practice offers one-on-one, kid-friendly therapy sessions in her relaxed office or in your own home, where the kids are most comfortable.

Fun, empathetic physical therapists play to facilitate learning and development, while Dr. Tadros’ hands-on techniques and treatments promote fast progress with conditions including torticollis, plagiocephaly, developmental delays and low muscle tone. “I love seeing the look on parents’ faces when their child’s able to do something they didn’t think they could,” says the mother of three, who earned her DPT at UMDNJ and has nearly 20 years of experience.

The practice prides itself on making life easier for modern families. Dr. Tadros makes herself easily accessible via phone, email and text, and the office’s amenities include a changing station and private nursing area. “Our practice was designed to bring concierge service to the busy family, and cater to the needs of struggling children in a hopeful and positive way.”


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"Helped my baby recover and grow quickly from a tongue tie procedure! She was loving, hands-on and quick to help as we went through the process. " ~Susan, Union City

"Giselle is amazing! Our baby needed therapy for low muscle tone and tongue tie and Giselle helped us SO much. She's patient and supportive and didn't just treat our daughter, but educated us on how we can help our daughter while Giselle isn't with us. She empowered us to know what to do, and because of that our daughter started rolling over finally and is growing and getting stronger every day. We're so grateful for Giselle and what she's done for our little one! " ~Leigh, Hoboken

"Giselle is amazing with our baby daughter. After her tongue tie was released, she didn’t know how to handle the new mobility and I didn’t know if I’d be able to breastfeed anymore. Not only was Giselle able to put my fears at ease and help me and my daughter successfully breastfeed, but she also helped diagnose another issue, Torticollis. We've continued seeing Giselle to address that issue and enjoy every minute of our sessions. Giselle truly makes them fun for the baby and parents, and our daughter is a shining example of what a difference pediatric physical therapy can make! " ~Sarah, Hoboken

"Giselle is absolutely wonderful! She responded to me immediately and came to my home within weeks of my daughter being born to help post-frenectomy. She has an amazing demeanor and is wonderful with kids! " ~Amanda, Morristown

"Dr. Tadros is patient, understanding, experienced and exceptional with children. She puts parents' worries at ease while providing intensive yet gentle treatment. Our daughter worked with Giselle from five weeks of age until 1 year. She wouldn't be where she is today if it weren’t for her! She's easy to talk to and understanding of parent concerns and needs. " ~Sheila, Rutherford

"Dr. Tadros is amazing with children! She's very kind and caring, and goes above and beyond for her patients. Dr. Tadros is always accessible and very patient in answering all my questions. " ~Patricia, Hoboken

"Dr. Tadros has a calmness and patience that makes me feel so comfortable discussing my child's development. I never hesitated to ask questions, and she was very hands-on with her work. " ~Corey, Jersey City

"Dr. Giselle Tadros specializes in pediatric PT and has been focused on helping my baby learn to reuse her tongue after her frenotomy and now her low-tone, which Dr. Tadros identified even before my pediatrician. She's skilled in many techniques, but also teaches us exercises to work on at home to help with my baby's progress. Above all else, she truly cares about her patients and their families, even seeing us on New Year's Day because she understood the need for bodywork soon after a frenotomy, which we didn't even understand at the time. " ~Karen, Jersey City

"Didn't treat you as if you were just another patient. Being a first-time mom and a single one at that, I felt unprepared for my daughter's challenges. Her compassion, patience and understanding made it easier to just focus on being a mom. " ~Sultana, Jersey City