What You Need:

  • carrot
  • pebbles, potatoes, buttons, or rocks for the buttons
  • googly eyes
  • sticks & twigs
  • pipe cleaners


Wait For the Best Kind of Snow:

The best type of snow is heavy and wet—but not slushy! If you want to be really scientific, the optimal temperature to make a snowman is somewhere right around 30°F (-1 °C), where there’s just a little moisture in it.


Making the Body:

Create two small softball-sized balls, and set them on your spot. Then start rolling a large snowball for the body, and roll it on to the two "feet". (You can also opt to skip the legs, if you want more stability and just place two softball-sized snowballs in front of the largest ball so it will look like he's sitting).

Now roll the middle snowball — it should be smaller than the bottom one so it can fit nicely on top.

Make the third snowball, the head, a little bigger and taller than the second one. This will help when you shape Olaf’s face. It should be egg-shaped. Make the top of your middle snowball flat before placing the head on. This will make the head more stable on the body.


Shaping Your Olaf:

Once the head is on, pat extra snow in the “neck” area to further stabilize him. Place the buttons/potatoes/rocks (three) on the torso and bottom snowball. Put sticks on each side of the second snowball to make the arms and hands.

Use your mitten to indent a big grin on Olaf’s head. Indent into the shape of a smile three quarters of the way down from his face. At the upper third of his face, indent the eyes in a little bit so the nose will protrude more, and add some extra snow to his face to make his nose more defined.. Then add the googly eyes, the carrot for the nose and three twigs/pipe cleaners on top if his head for his “hair.” Also use the pipe cleaners to make his expressive eyebrows.


Watch someone making an Olaf, if you need more ideas:


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