The latest tattoo trend involves significantly fewer needles (zero) and a much shorter commitment (up to a week) than traditional ink. Glittery, temporary flash tattoos in metallic hues are what’s next.

Beyonce X Flash Tattoos

Beyonce’s new line of metallic and gold body art includes bee-and-hive-themed designs plus smaller ones with expressions like “flawless” and “I woke up like this.” The tattoos last four to six days; $28.

Tattly’s Pop-Art Pieces

Sometimes funky, always beautiful, the designs from this Brooklyn-based designer are quirky in the best way. Last two to four days; prices vary.

LUXE Metallic Temporary Tattoos 

Pretty metallic bracelets mean you can mix and match—the low price means you can pick up a whole bunch. Tattoos last four days; $7.99.

Luludk's Wanderlust Line

Intricate and often henna-inspired, these tattoos have a far-away, exotic vibe. Last up to five days; $26 per pack.

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