No pool this summer? No problem. Beat the heat with a much cheaper alternative: a sprinkler! Stick with your regular old lawn sprinkler and play some of these fun new games, or go a little DIY and upgrade your sprinkler for some above and beyond fun!

Freeze Tag

Have the kids run and dance around the turned-off sprinkler while you man the tap. Turn the water  back on, and players must freeze (yes, in the spray) until you turn it back off again. Any player that moves while the water is on (no matter how shocking the cold water is) is out! y

Turn your swingset into a water park

Make a waterpark in your own in your backyard. Stick a sprinkler near the bottom of your swing set and transform your plain old plastic slide into a water slide! Your kids will love slipping and sliding their way to the bottom.

Simon Says

Adding water to this classic game makes it even more fun. Have players circle the sprinkler, and make each of Simon’s directions have something to do with the sprinkler.  "Simon Says stick one foot in the water", or "Simon Says run around the sprinkler."

Car Wash

Let your kids give their bikes and trikes a good cleaning by transforming your sprinkler (set on the driveway) into a car wash! Give them sponges, old dish towels and even a little bit of soap so that it feels just like the real thing.
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Sponge Relay Race

Turn your next big family BBQ into a competition. Split players into two teams, give each team their own bucket and sponge and take turns running back and forth through the sprinkler, letting the sponge soak up water, and running back to squeeze it out into the bucket. Whichever team fills their bucket first, wins!

Tug of War

Grab a rope, divide up into two teams on opposite sides of the sprinkler, and, well, tug! Both teams will try to avoid the water, but beware – most players will get wet.

DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Make a goofy sprinkler with an old pool noodle. All you need is the noodle, a plastic bottle cap, some duct tape and a skewer. Poke holes in the noodle with the skewer – the more, the better! Then, plug the bottom of the noodle using a plastic bottle cap and secure it with duct tape. Put the other open end on your hose and voila! your very own noodle sprinkler!
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