Looking to bring a little more positive energy into your life? Author and Westfield mom Meaghan B Murphy shares and excerpt from her new book Your Fully Charged Life.

Turn a boo into a boo-yah.

One of my most-used phrases is “Yes, but . . .” because I put a positive spin on almost anything. Out of eggs on pancake Sunday? Yes, but we also need paper towels, so I can pop over to the Stop & Shop quickly and also grab chocolate chips and whipped cream. Even if you’re faced with a harsher reality, notice that it’s awful, then try to find something that’s awesome—or at least alright.

Swap have to for get to.

My friend Jen recently started shifting her mindset around bedtime for her three young girls, going from ‘Ugh, I have to do the routine’ to ‘I get to put these three strong women in the making to bed’. And it changed everything. Life isn’t fun 24/7, but it does not have to suck so hard. This tweak helps you realize that you honestly don’t have to do much; you get to live this life, which, for the most part, you created and create.

Rename what’s lame.

A writer friend told me she used to dread getting feedback from editors—until she began thinking of notes not as criticism, but rather as lessons and directions for delivering better copy. The language you use, the meaning you attach to things and your own preconceived beliefs all have the power to shape how you think and feel. And the good news is, you can change them! (Although still trying to get my kids on board for a leaf-raking par-tay.)

Turn to-don’ts into to-dos.

Trying to save money at the grocery store? Trade “Don’t spend so much!” for “Stick to the list.” For years, I’ve coached my editors to tell readers what to do, not what not to do. Because how miserable is it to be faced with a bunch of don’ts and shouldn’ts? Framing things that way shuts you down. It tells you to not act. Approaching anything from the opposite perspective is inherently energizing because there’s a solution baked in—a way forward rather than a stop sign.

Go from Why me? To Why not me?

When Molly Luppino was diagnosed with a brain tumor while in grad school, she didn’t feel sorry for herself. Instead, she chose to see that she was the right person to take on the cancer and long recovery: young, strong, no kids, on her parents’ excellent health insurance and still living in their house. Her philosophy: There’s often no explanation for why sh***y things happen, but what’s important is how you look at your situation and what you do with it.

Excerpted from YOUR FULLY CHARGED LIFE by Meaghan B Murphy, published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC. Copyright © 2021 by Meaghan B Murphy

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