Move over, Sofia. Isabella reclaimed the top spot (which it last held in 2010) for the most popular name given to baby girls born in New Jersey last year, according to the annual report recently released by the Social Security Administration. It was a tight battle: 618 parents named their girls Isabella, as opposed to 607 for Sophia. Know any Emmas or Olivias? You’ll know even more as they tied with 533 each. Ava rounded out the top 5 with 483.

“Michael” is still tops for boys at 604, a spot it’s held for, oh, five decades (replacing John in 1964)! Climbing up from #5 last year to #2 was Matthew, with 50 less occurrences than Michael. Joseph is still going strong, holding a place in the top 5. However, unlike the girls’ list, which has the same names perennially duking it out, two new boy names climbed into the top five, Jacob and Liam, ousting Anthony and Jayden from a year ago.


1. Michael
2. Matthew
3. Jacob
4. Joseph
5. Liam

1. Isabella
2. Sophia
3. Emma
4. Olivia
5. Ava

For a complete list of the most popular names, see the Social Security Administration's list.