Seeing colorful sidewalk chalk art shared on our social media feeds has been a consistent bright spot of quarantine. A second grade elementary school teacher and mom from Saint Cloud, Florida has taken chalk art to a whole new level with drawings inspired by beloved children’s books along with our nation’s gratitude for first responders and essential workers.

Katrina Maassen was inspired by the chalk art she saw on Pinterest and Instagram when she decided to share her own works based on popular children’s books. The drawings place Maassen’s 4-year-old daughter in the midst of a scene in the book. She chose stories based on favorites like Llama Llama I Love You, The Kissing Hand and others she reads with her daughter and elementary school class.

Maassen with daughter Londyn / all images courtesy of Katrina Maassen

“I’ve always liked children’s literature because it inspires children and helps them navigate through issues and their own feelings,” Maassen told New Jersey Family. “I love stories with an underdog who comes out on top and other characters change for the better.”

After creating two weeks’ worth of book art, Maassen went on to draw pictures to honor first responders and essential workers. She has also drawn Doc McStuffins, Trolls and more. Each drawing takes her anywhere from 45 minutes to 1½ hours. She says it’s been wonderful to have something positive to focus on during this difficult time.

“There has been such a positive response that I have wanted to keep going because so many have told me the joy it brings them in the morning seeing them,” said Maassen, who chalks the art on her U-shaped driveway and shares the pictures on Facebook and Instagram. “I’m just happy that it brings smiles to people’s faces.”

Here are some of her amazing works of art:

fire fighter chalk art A thank you to firefighters

postal workersA thank you to postal workers

police officersA thank you to police officers

where the wild things areA tribute to Where the Wild Things Are

llama llamaLlama Llama I Love You 


The Paper Bag Princess

Rainbow FishThe Rainbow Fish

Stand Tall Lou Lemon Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

The Kissing HandThe Kissing Hand


Doc McStuffinsDoc McStuffins

Fairy admiring flowersLondyn as a fairy admiring the flowers

beach chalk art This is one of Maassen’s first works of chalk art. “Londyn was probably the most excited doing this one and she definitely played the role in this.”


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