Purple Pedaler

She’ll easily master both rocky terrain and smooth city streets on this light, aluminum ride. (Ages 6 and up.) Mongoose Girls’ Rockadile; $349; mongoose.com.

Graceful Glide

Its sturdy metal body means this bike can take some spills and never be worse for wear. The little bar makes a nice footrest once kids get their glide on. (Ages 2–5.) Glider Bikes; $69.99; easyglider.com. 

Cycle Smart

Complete with a headlight and puncture-resistant wheels, nothing is going to get between your kid and a safe ride home from the park. (Ages 6 and up.) Kettler USA Grinder; $499 for small/$549 for large; kettlerusa.com. 

Beginner Bike

This modern grow-with-your-kid option is not your average trike—start out with three wheels and then graduate to two once he’s ready for bigger thrills. (Ages 2–5.) Wishbone Designs; $229-249; wishbonedesigns.com. 

Throwback Beauty

We love the sweet retro lines of this mint green one-speed. The standover steel frame makes getting on and off a breeze. (Ages 6 and up.) Schwinn Mist Bike; $149; schwinn.com.

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