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Robert Peterman, DMD, MDS

Specialty: Orthodontics

At Somerset Orthodontic Specialists, Dr. Robert Peterman is committed to making patients feel comfortable and confident from their first consultation to the moment their braces come off and a gorgeous new smile is revealed. “I take the time to ensure that both patients and their parents understand their treatment every step of the way.”

State-of-the-Art Technology

A board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Peterman offers cutting-edge techniques and technology in his all-digital practice, including elimination of impressions with Itero digital scanning, digital X-rays, lingual braces and Invisalign.

“We use technology to deliver the best treatment possible based on each patient’s individual smile and facial aesthetics, so we can deliver beautiful smiles with fewer tooth extractions,” says Dr. Peterman.

Kid-Friendly Office

In his fun, friendly orthodontic office, patients can play video games or watch television—and kids love participating in the practice’s rewards program. Patients earn wooden nickels for proper dental hygiene and earning good grades, and then cash them in for prizes like gift cards.

“Not only do we get exceptional results and create beautiful smiles for our patients, but we also have a lot of fun,” Dr. Peterman says, who welcomed his first child, Robbie, earlier this year.

A diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Peterman earned his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania. He continued his dental training at Rutgers University where he earned a specialty degree in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics and a master’s degree for his research in the field of orthodontics.

“There’s nothing more fun or exciting than being an orthodontist…I get to transform smiles and boost a patient’s confidence, and all while getting to know these unique, talented kids,” he says.

 Always on time, very friendly and has a great personality with my daughter. She loves to go see Dr. Peterman.~Carol, Bridgewater

 Dr. Peterman is so nice. He is very gentle and results are seen very quickly. He always has fun games and contests going on. He is really good with kids and makes them feel comfortable. ~Michele, Somerville

 Dr. Peterman is great when working with my daughter. He is fantastic and his bedside manner has been great since my daughter needed some extra attention due to her cleft palate.~Jodi, Bridgewater

 Dr. Peterman always makes my son feel comfortable in the office and always explains what he is doing. The office staff is amazing. They are friendly and make the office feel comfortable. Dr. Peterman also keeps me up-to-date on what is going on with my son’s treatment. ~Brett, Neshanic

 Dr. Peterman inspires the utmost confidence by his smile. He is a great orthodontic specialist who listens to the patient and takes care of him/her with great attention. Kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Peterman and the staff. ~Sarvam, Piscataway

Dr.  Peterman is very clear at the beginning with exactly what work needs to be done, and his staff does a great job of checking into your insurance coverage and explaining exactly what out-of-pocket costs will be. They are always running on time and everyone in the office is professional and pleasant. While all doctors offices should be this way, we all know this is rarely the case, so it is refreshing to get this kind of service. ~Faith, Somerville

 Dr. Peterman is very friendly and patiently worked with my son to help him feel more relaxed. He also always takes the time to thoroughly answer any questions I may have.
~Cathy, Bridgewater

Dr. Peterman is wonderful! The entire staff is so friendly too! We never have to wait when we arrive for our appointments. He provides excellent personal care for our daughter. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He is absolutely amazing. ~Annette, Bound Brook

He and his office staff are so attentive and helpful in my son and daughter’s orthodontics. Dr. Peterman worked hard in getting my son (and his teeth) ready for his braces. It involved doing early prep work on his bottom teeth, but with the doc’s expertise in this area, my son now doesn’t have to wear bottom braces just the top. And that’s a great thing – especially for a young child. ~Dawn, Bridgewater

His office staff always welcomes us with a smile, Dr. Peterman takes exceptional care of my daughter, she enjoys going to him and is looking forward to seeing the beautiful smile she is going to have once he’s completed his treatment plan. He also saw us after hours when Rea had an issue with her pallet expander. He took the time to help us, corrected the problem and made sure we felt comfortable going forward. In over a year with them, we haven’t had one negative experience. ~Kelly, Bridgewater

 My 10-year-old son didn’t even allow me to schedule an orthodontist appointment because he was too scared. We knew he needed major oral work and his school pictures were starting to show it because he wouldn’t even smile for them anymore. One day he came home all excited about how Dr. Peterman showed up in his class and explained to them about how important it was to take care of your teeth and provided them some goodies. He insisted on scheduling the appointment and finally we made it to the office. Dr. Peterman and his staff are all very friendly, professional and compassionate. We were explained what the plan would be and in less than a year what a difference! My son shows off his big beautiful smile all the time, in his school pictures and what a boost on his confidence level! Would definitely recommend Dr. Peterman to all my friends. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and educating the young generation on the importance of good oral hygiene. It goes a long way. ~Marcia, Somerville

 My daughter needed a palate expander. She was 7 and terrified! Dr. Peterman and his staff were amazing with helping to ease her fear. Their office is fun and inviting. They allow the children to sign themselves in upon arrival on the computer and have special notes for them if there is a special occasion (birthday). She was welcomed with her name on display with balloons on her first appointment. They also have fun contests continuously so instead of being afraid to go, she’s excited and can’t wait until her next visit! Dr. Peterman, by far, is the best children’s doctor! I highly recommend him. ~Sheryl, Somerset

 My kids were very anxious about the dental treatment. The doctor and the office is so great. They turned both nervous patients into relaxed kids who loved going to the dentist. I couldn’t be more pleased. ~Anju, Hillsborough

 Not only has Dr. Peterman helped me to have a great smile but he has always been very nice and accommodating when needed. Dr. Peterman has the best staff and the best incentives to help the kids keep up with their orthodontic hygiene. I love that when we walk in the door we feel a sense of family all around us. We highly recommend using Dr. Peterman and staff. ~Niko, Somerville

White glove services. The receptionists are delightful. The staff is super friendly and Dr.  Peterman cares for my son with gentle ease. We always leave happy and the results were amazing. My son needed a lot of work done to his mouth/teeth before getting his braces. Yesterday his braces were taken off. My son’s whole face has been transformed to bring out his beautiful smile. Can’t thank Dr. Peterman enough. ~Juliet, Bridgewater

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This is an advertising profile from the December 2018 issue of New Jersey Family.