photo credit: six flags great adventure


Great Adventure's Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom (which is inside of the gigantic Kingda Ka roller coaster) is already the tallest drop tower in the world. And if you haven't been on it yet, it's SCARY! At 415 feet tall, this giant ride pulls you up and drops you down 41 stories at speeds up to 90 mph, all while you hear the rumble of the launching roller coaster right next to you.

But for thrillseekers who have already taken the plunge many times since 2014, the theme park has decided to up the ante for a limited time this spring. You'll take the same ride up the 41 stories, but instead of just looking out at NJ scenery, you'll be wearing a Samsung Gear Headsets for the duration of the ride, which will put you right in the midst of an action movie where you are being attacked by spiders during your "free fall" back down to earth while you are pulling some major Gs.

Looking to face your fears? The Drop of Doom VR opens May 5 for a limited time. Get a sneak peek at what the ride will look like in the video below: