Railbiking is a fun and exciting activity that takes a family bike ride to a whole other level! It’s a great way to get out in nature and see the sights by riding decommissioned railroad tracks. We had a chance to try riding railbikes through Revolution Rail Company in Cape May just as they opened for the season, and it was an incredible experience.

With locations in the Adirondacks, Cape May, Maine and Colorado, RevRail gets you out on custom-designed two and four-seat railbikes that are powered by you! The bikes are designed to give you a quiet ride, but this day out on the rails is anything but ordinary.


On a sunny Saturday morning, we took a four mile out and back trip along the Garrett Family Preserve in Cape May. While we were on a couples’ weekend sans kids, as soon as we got on the two-seater bike, we realized that this would also be a fun family activity. While you do need to pedal, the biking is done at a leisurely pace. It’s designed for nearly all ages and ability levels. Babies and children under 25 pounds can ride on a parent’s lap if they are in a Baby Bjorn-style harness that you provide. Kids 25 pounds or more can be strapped in with the company’s five-point harness for a safe and comfortable ride.


After buckling in and learning how to use the hand brake, off we went with a group of five others and our guides for the one-and-a-half-hour trip. As my husband and I pedaled along, we reveled in the sunshine while taking in the sights as we headed through wildflower meadows. The bike ride was easy enough, and before we knew it, we had reached the 2-mile mark, where we disembarked to hear our guide Jesse share some of the history of the old railroad tracks. Once the bikes were turned around on the tracks, we headed back in direction from which we came, this time stopping at the Garrett Family Preserve, where we learned about monarch butterflies, which are abundant in Cape May.

It was a beautiful and peaceful outing, a chance to get some exercise and also do something totally novel. My only critique would be that I wished the ride had lasted longer! I’ll definitely be looking into their other locations and trips (railbiking along the Rio Grande in Colorado sounds like a blast!). But the shorter Cape May trip would be perfect to try with our kids, one of whom has autism and is just learning to ride a bike.

Revolution Rail Company runs their railbikes rain or shine, though tours may be canceled if there are dangerous conditions. There is a 300-pound weight limit per rider, per seat. You can book your reservation online, and reservations can be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to your trip. In NJ, a trip on a quad bike, which seats up to 4 people, costs $140 + $9 in fees. A trip on a double bike, which seats up to 2 people, costs $80 + $6 in fees. Trips range from one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours in length, depending on location and there are breaks.

There is no minimum (or maximum) age limit and as long as there is one person who can pedal the bike, everyone else can ride along, so it’s an activity that is truly inclusive. Their calendar is now open for 2023 bookings. We recommend reserving as early as you can since spots fill up quickly.

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