Pixar Cook and Draw lessons

While teachers are working hard to educate our kids via distance learning, there’s still plenty of time for the children to learn about the stuff they love most like how to draw or cook. If your kids need art lessons, or a little home economics in the form of cooking, Pixar is teaching this and lots of other things your kids will love. Fair warning: We fell down a rabbit hole of Pixar gems and you probably will, too.

Pixar’s YouTube channel is filled with cute videos from their movies, but is also packed with some useful skills. While the recipes aren’t quite as detailed or involved as something you’d see on the Food Network, they are infinitely more adorable. One of our favorites is Bao, from the sweet short of the same name, teaching you how to make traditional steamed dumplings. 


Forky from Toy Story 4 is on deck to help you learn how to make a pizza, in the style of Pizza Planet. 

If you’ve recently watched the newest movie Onward on Disney+, the main characters Ian and Barley will help you learn to make a birthday cake.  

The kids can also learn to draw Onward‘s Barley with one of the animators from the film. 

Pixar animators are using their work from home time to show kids how to up their sketch game using  Cars characters like Lightning McQueen or Mater. Who knows, maybe they’ll design the next Tesla!

Digitally savvy kids will love watching one of the Onward animators as he demonstrates  how to make a digital flipbook.