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We know it’s been a challenge to perform well at our jobs and to juggle the realities of home schooling, but a new survey from Valoir shows that a move to remote work hasn’t changed productivity much at all. Though the survey includes just 327 people, the news that parents who are working from home edge out kid-free co-workers when it comes to productivity was still surprising.

Parents who are working from home with their children have had a decrease in productivity of about two  percent, while those who are living alone without other adults or children in their home have decreased productivity by about three percent. So hang in there, everyone. 

Valoir’s survey found that people most have adjusted well to working from home, with only a one percent average negative impact on productivity. While parents with kids face a lot of distractions, technology and social media pose much bigger threats to productivity, according to the survey

To make up for the distractions, averaging more than two hours a day, the average worker is spending 9.75 hours working, as many of us work earlier or later to make up for in-home distractions like homeschooling. 

The work-from-home transition has been so successful that four out of five people surveyed gave their employer an A or B rating for supporting remote work. And 40 percent  of people would like to continue working remotely full-time after the pandemic and quarantines are over.

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