Courtesy of the Land of Make Believe, lining up to do some “screamin'"


The Land of Make Believe, one of the Garden State’s best amusement and water parks, is debuting a brand new ride for its Memorial Day Weekend opening.

LOMB’s newest addition, the Scream Machine 360, dubbed as the “ultimate upside down thrill ride,” was named for its 360 degree experience. Your crew will fly in every direction (and we mean every), including upside down.

Be sure to defy gravity before hitting the park’s other classic rides like the Tilt-a-Whirl, Thriller Coaster, Tornado, Sidewinder and more. Scream Machine will land just in time to celebrate the park’s 64th year of operation.

The Jersey fave opens Memorial Day Weekend and will remain open on weekends through June 16, when the park will open daily through Labor Day Weekend.

Courtesy of Land of Make Believe’s Facebook page


Land of Make Believe
354 Great Meadows Rd., Hope