New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute

Catherine Mazzola, MD
John J. Collins, MD
Jeffrey Kornitzer, MD

Specialty: Pediatric Neurosurgery

Left to right: (back row) Tatiana Sikorskyj, APN, Heather Marretta, RDN, Catherine Mazzola, MD, Diane McClure, DNP, (front row) Yvelisse Ng, APN, Jeffrey Kornitzer, MD, John Collins, MD, Heather Weiner, PNP

Home to the largest group of board-certified pediatric neurosurgeons and neurologists in the state, the New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute (NJPNI) provides comprehensive, patient-centered care for both pediatric and adult patients and their families. 

Family-Centered Treatments

A board-certified pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Catherine Mazzola and her team at NJPNI believe that every patient should receive exceptional and individualized treatment. The practice specializes in treating children with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, brain tumors, spina bifida and other birth defects, ADHD, autism, headaches, tics and other neurological conditions. All doctors are currently offering telemedicine appointments for the convenience and safety of their patients. 

“Our practice is very family-centered, and we strive to make the evaluation and treatment process for each child as stress-free as possible,” Dr. Mazzola says. “As a mother of five, I understand the pressures on parents these days.” 

Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. John Collins came to NJPNI after 20 years of experience in academic pediatric neurosurgery. His career has focused on the surgical treatment of brain tumors; he has vast experience in the treatment of complex congenital spinal abnormalities.

The NJPNI neurosurgeons provide services at most major pediatric hospitals in the state, including Morristown, Saint Barnabas and Hackensack University Medical Centers and University Hospital in Newark. They are actively involved in clinical research and have published numerous articles in neurosurgical journals. 

Dr. Jeffrey Kornitzer has built up a comprehensive team of pediatric neurologists, psychologists, nutritionists and others who care for children with neurological and neurodevelopmental issues. “We provide easy access to EEGs (including overnight), EMGs, neurocognitive testing and other neurodiagnostic testing in our offices,” he says. “At NJPNI, we believe in a “whole-child” approach to treatment—so for any given child, the treatment plan may span the spectrum from dietary interventions to medications, behavioral therapy to biofeedback, and everything in between.”

Improving Patients’ Quality of Life

The doctors make themselves available at night and on weekends for emergency office visits and consultations, and they participate in many insurance plans. With the help of a compassionate team of nurse practitioners, they provide a comprehensive array of surgical as well as minimally-invasive therapeutic options to improve each child’s health and quality of life.

“We understand the stress involved in caring for a sick child, and we make certain each child receives the necessary therapies and interventions,” says Dr. Mazzola, who was the first pediatric neurosurgeon in New Jersey to launch multidisciplinary programs in the areas of spasticity, cerebral palsy, craniofacial disorders and pediatric brain tumors. 

Comprehensive and Collaborative Care

The pediatric doctors at NJPNI use the most advanced cutting-edge technologies in order to provide patients with the best possible treatment and outcomes. They collaborate with an extensive network of neurologists, therapists, psychologists and orthotists to develop an individualized care plan for each patient, whether in the office, at home or a hospital. All of the doctors were trained in US-based pediatric neurosurgical fellowship programs.

Catherine Mazzola, MD
John J. Collins, MD
Jeffrey Kornitzer, MD
131 Madison Ave., 3rd Fl., Morristown984 NJ-36 S., Hazlet
333 Mt. Hope Ave., Ste. 140B, First Fl., Rockaway
385 Prospect Ave., 2nd Fl., Hackensack

“Dr. Collins is an amazing neurosurgeon. He has incredible bedside manner, is thorough, patient and kind. I felt so confident in his expertise and have no doubt in my mind my son was in the best care possible.” – A.D., Livingston

“Dr. Kornitzer is a very kind and understanding doctor he takes his time explaining every detail and aspect of my concern.” – A.R., Lyndhurst

“Dr. Kornitzer and staff have been very professional while incorporating an excellent bedside manner. My child suffered a brain injury and they have spoken with her as a person, answered her questions and alleviated her anxiety during the visits. Additionally, they answered my questions during our numerous visits and gave me not only peace of mind, but also the feeling that my child was being well cared for.” – E.H., Riverdale

“Dr. Mazzola is our hero! She saved my 6 month old baby who is now thriving at almost 6 years old! Forever grateful for her expertise and care!” – R.G., Chester

“Dr. Mazzola saved my son’s life when he was just 7.5 months old. He had a brain tumor and was on “borrowed time”. She performed life saving surgery and even came to the hospital to check on him during the heart of hurricane Irene hitting NJ. She is our angel on earth!” – J.T., Hardwick

“She’s a wonderful invested physician and is just incredible. She treated my newborn for craniosynostosis, performing surgery when she was 4 weeks old. 9 years later we are still in touch and so grateful!!” – D.F., Ormond Beach

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