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"Before I met with Bari and hired her to be my attorney in my divorce, I'd been totally confused and desperately seeking help for years to end an abusive marriage. At the very first meeting, Bari brought hope and confidence back into my life. She fought hard for me and my kids and was totally focused on our safety and future well-being. All the time during my case, I felt like I had a true friend I could rely on. Bari has a kind heart, especially for children (she even remembered my kids' birthdays). She kept persevering until our goals were met. The best way I can sum her up is like the "mother bear" for her clients. I feel blessed to have worked with her and want to spread the word–Bari is wonderful!" -S.Z., Colts Neck

"Bari was so kind and understanding to me during my divorce. She fought hard to get me the custody deal I wanted for me kids. Long story, very unstable ex and my kids were at risk. Bari knew exactly what to ask for and how to present information to substantiate our requests. My kids are now safe and happy. They do have a good relationship with their dad and it's because Bari made sure the plan we put in place made their safety and stability a priority. Everyone has flourished because of it. I can't speak highly enough of Bari! " -D.G., Colts Neck

"Going through a divorce is such an exhausting process. I felt like Bari was literally the "wind beneath my wings" in helping me through this. I'm convinced that she's part wizard because she was able to untangle our child custody and child support fights with solutions that somehow made us both happy. How did she do that?! We're a divorced family, but we're still a family and it feels good, especially for our kids. I owe our relatively peaceful co-parenting existence all to Bari!" -T.G., Wayne

"Bari is a busy executive and working mom juggling work-family just like the rest of us. If you want someone who really "gets it" when you go for help with your divorce, go see Bari. She'll meet with you on your lunch break, call you when you have a spare minute. A fantastic divorce attorney for busy working moms!" -A.A., Short Hills

"Bari is highly skilled in child custody and child support issues in divorce. There's nothing that can be thrown at her that she doesn't know how to solve. Judges have the greatest respect for her because she truly has the child's best interests at heart. This shines through!" -A.D., Denville

"Bari was the light in the darkness of my divorce. She was so good at getting me a settlement that protected me and my kids, and makes me not fear the future." -M.C., East Hanover

"Bari single-handedly saved my relationship with my kids, and I'll be forever in her gratitude for how skillful she was in diffusing my ex's parental alienation. I was depressed and almost resigned that my ex’s head games would make me lose my kids, until the day I met Bari and she gave me hope based in the facts of the law. Bari is the best. " -K.C., Whippany