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Montclair Divorce Mediation

Nicholas De Metro, Esq.

Specialty: Divorce Mediation

An attorney since 1991, Nicholas De Metro has been representing clients as a divorce lawyer for several years. De Metro witnessed firsthand how emotionally and financially destructive divorce litigation is to the entire family—especially children—so in 2009, he changed his practice and dedicated himself to helping families going through the divorce process. He now devotes his practice solely to divorce mediation to limit the emotional pain and economic impact on families while assisting clients with improved methods of co-parenting. A compassionate, solution-oriented and neutral mediator, De Metro provides a nonthreatening environment for couples to resolve issues such as the division of assets, debts, alimony, child support and parenting issues. “Many clients have told me that I introduced issues they never even considered,” he says.

An accredited divorce mediator by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, De Metro guides couples by taking a practical, even-handed approach. He re-focuses the dialog while offering multiple options, clarifying divorce law and diffusing disputes—which provides both spouses with better control over the terms and conditions of their divorce and future. He is adept at helping couples develop creative, long-term solutions to complex issues that result in fair, reasonable and comprehensive settlement agreements. “I’m committed to helping spouses resolve all of their issues and get divorced—without it costing a fortune,” he says.


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"Nick is an excellent mediator. He made the terrible process of getting divorced a lot less painful. He's understanding and ready with a box of tissues, but also knows the facts and is able to make divorces a lot less messy." -A.M., Hackensack

"Nick has a methodical and calm approach to divorce mediation. He walked us both through the process taking the time to explain everything to each of us until we were satisfied. Very fair to both of us." -R.C., West New York