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Since 1991, 8th Dan Grand Master Taek Sung Cho and his personally-trained masters/instructors have powerfully transformed the lives of students: shaping them to be leaders in self-confidence, self-defense, and self-control. At Talium, we believe that your child should be taught at an individual pace and the importance of having a positive attitude. This approach has been proven to raise self-esteem, boost academic performance, and better develop essential skills for leadership. To simply put, we are committed to your child’s success and well-being. The mission of our After School program is to give our students the character and the capacity to be caring, humble, responsible, and confident leaders in their daily lives and to others around them. We achieve this through top-quality Taekwondo training and character building activities. Our center is not a day/child care center. Rather we are a martial arts institution that provides uninterrupted momentum and motivation to accomplish school work and to learn Taekwondo. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Who will be teaching and supporting my child’s academic and Taekwondo education? Our world famous 8th Dan Grand Master Taek Sung Cho is on site and our children-specialized instructors are committed in using positive teaching methods that only bring out the best. We have an excellent master/instructor to student ratio. 2. What will my child gain from this program? Your child will receive character-centered Taekwondo instruction as well as physical fitness, coordination, flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. They will gain the confidence to rise above negative peer pressure and all forms of bullying. They will learn conflict resolution skills without the need to resort to violence, self-discipline that promotes responsibility, and respect to self and others. In addition, they will acquire valuable time management and transitional skills that help them attain their personal goals. 3. Where will the the Afterschool program be held? It will be held at the Fairfield(HQ) location in our spacious 7500 square foot facility that is located on 2 acres of land. 4. When does the program run? On regular school days, it runs from Monday through Friday (2:30pm to 6:00pm). On early dismissal and half days, we will pick up your child even if school gets out early. On non school days, we offer full days (7:30AM-6:00PM). 5. How will my child arrive safely at your center? We provide safe vehicles and transportation for your child from the moment they are released from school to the moment they enter our doors. 6. All of this sounds great but how do I get my child started? It’s simple and easy to get started! Because of limited spaces, it is crucial to give us a call at 973-276-1155 for the next steps which are to set up a special trial and for more information. We also offer exciting Taekwondo classes, Birthday Parties, Summer and Winter Camp. Feel free to call us for more information at 973-276-1155! Multiple Locations: Fairfield, NJ (HQ) 161 Fairfield Road 973-276-1155 Cedar Grove, NJ 387 Pompton Ave 973-239-7654 Bloomfield, NJ 1109 Broad Ave 973-893-9400