Šistockphoto.com/SDI Productions

The Gloucester City Lions will surely be rooting for the Eagles next weekend, because even if they are not football fans, they all get an excused delayed opening the following day!

Sean Gorman, the superintendent of the Gloucester City School District, may be the coolest school administrator in NJ. He gave permission for all kids and staff at Cold Springs School, Gloucester Middle School and Gloucester High School to come to school two hours late on Monday, Feb. 13, since he expects families to be up watching the Super Bowl the night before between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

“It is a rare and special time for families to watch our local professional team compete in the Super Bowl,” Gorman said in a letter to the district. “We feel that it’s important to give students and staff the opportunity to enjoy the game with their families and still attend school and work the next day safely and well-rested. Please do everything possible to attend work the next day, as we hope to avoid staffing shortages at all three schools.”

The School District of Philadelphia also announced a delayed opening for its schools and district offices for the same reasoning. That includes 151 elementary schools, 16 middle schools, 59 high schools, plus charter schools and alternative education.

If you’re planning your own Super Bowl party or want to find a place to watch the big game, there are lots of bars and restaurants across the state that are offering specials and catering.