Any day becomes a little brighter when there’s a unicorn around. Now she can bring her own pretty Mythical Edition Plush Unicorn wherever she goes. $13,

The further you stretch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch N Shout’s arms, the higher hear his battle cries get. HI-YA! $20,

Build a mini drawing robot with the Scribbler and watch its marker legs scoot across the page. $25,

Let the sun super-charge the fun with these solar-powered DIY car kits. No special tools needed to build a Volta Racer, just 15 minutes and a sunny day. $25,

Play as Elsa, Anna or Olaf and race to the enchanted finish stone in Disney’s Pop-Up Magic Frozen Board Game. Be careful to avoid the “Hans” space or you’ll have to move backwards! $13,

Skip the messy paint and create colorful works of art with squeezable dough instead with DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio. Make a mistake? Just wipe it off and start again! $20,

Now it’s easy to draw a favorite Star Wars guy or a new baby cousin—The Crayola Sketch Wizard projects the image on paper for a perfect trace. $25,

It’s okay to share tattoos when you’re sharing with Cutie Tattootie­—Everything comes right off in the wash. $25,



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