Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos just opened their newest indoor water park attraction and it’s awesome.

It’s called Slideboarding and  it's unlike any other waterslide we've seen. They've installed LED lights and music into some of their existing slides, which is already kind of cool, but then the rafts (slideboards) you ride on are complete with controllers as handles that allow you to interact and score points as you race down to the bottom and into a pool of water.

Before you slide, you create a cool racer nickname in the kiosk and pick your favorite style of music (rock, pop, country, metal etc). Your choices get scanned to a surfboard looking raft that you carry up the stairs to the slide. Once you're at the top, you hop into the water, amble into your slideboard, wait for the countdown on the monitor above you and then push off into the tube.

Here’s where the game starts: As you fly through the tube and pass under different colored lights, you press the corresponding colored button on your raft’s handles. If you get it right, your whole raft vibrates. It’s kind of like waterslide meets Guitar Hero. When you pop off the slide, check the monitors to see your score. Riders compete for daily and all-time top scores, and of course bragging rights.

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