SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE / Preview of THE FLASH: Vertical Velocity roller coaster

A new family roller coaster, a luxury camping experience and off-road adventure at the safari are coming to Great Adventure just in time for the theme park’s 50th anniversary.

Inside the main park, THE FLASHâ„¢: Vertical Velocity will be the 15th coaster at Great Adventure. It will be the first super boomerang coaster to open in North America. That means the trains speed forward and backward at nearly 60 miles per hour through a 180-degree twisted drop and zero-G roll. In a “flash,” it changes direction and speeds off again, backwards.

SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE / Glamping concept photo

At the safari, the overnight camping trip and Giraffe Encounter tours have been a big hit, and now an authentic African lodging experience will debut at the new Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa. Book an overnight stay inside the 350-acre safari park, where there will be glamping accommodations, spa services and VIP dining. The original overnight had you pitch your own tent, make s’mores, watch a movie before bedtime, and wake up to breakfast and animal meet-and-greets. With the new option, you’ll watch giraffes nearby as you sip your morning coffee from a special luxury tent. Keep an eye out for details on pricing and how to book.

If you love the safari but don’t want to stay there for the night, leave your car in the parking lot and hop on a safari off-road vehicle. You’ll get a guided tour as you go through the safari, either starting at the traditional Wild Safari entrance or from Frontier Adventures inside the park. You’ll learn even more about the more than 1,200 animals that live in the park from the experts who care for them.

Don’t skip out on old favorites, too, like the Log Flume and Big Wheel, which will see upgrades before next year. Six Flags Great Adventure has its season passes on sale for next year, with select discounts available through September 5. You’ll get admission for the rest of 2023, including Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park, plus all of the 2024 season.

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