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If you’re searching for exceptional academics in a supportive community, Morristown-Beard School may be the right place for your student. MBS is a private, independent, coeducational day school with students in the Middle School (grades 6-8) and Upper School (grades 9-12) representing more than 85 districts throughout New Jersey.

At MBS, students will find small class sizes and teachers who ask them to go beyond the surface and engage in deep learning. MBS graduates are powerfully prepared for learning and for life, no matter what path they choose to pursue.


Parents and students love the numerous opportunities available at MBS for students to discover their passions and explore different things. “The faculty care deeply about our students and support each one’s self-discovery as a learner and as a member of the greater community,” says Director of Enrollment Management Rob Mitchell. “Students are empowered to take ownership of their own academic journey at MBS, and there are numerous pathways they can pursue. The ability for our students to take the lead is a critical component of an MBS education.”

MBS faculty and staff nurture the individual passions their students possess. “Whether in the classroom, on stage or on the field, our students take advantage of the many possibilities to engage their skills and talents,” says Mitchell. “They can choose from countless academic electives, clubs, community service programs, arts and athletics; all supported by state-of-the-art facilities and accomplished faculty and staff. The MBS difference is entrenched in the leadership of our students. We give them the tools they need to succeed.”

Balance is essential to an MBS education and students here participate in everything from arts to athletics. Even if a student has never played a sport, they are encouraged to join the team. The same goes for participation in theater, music and dance. Clubs focused on diversity highlight the inclusive environment at MBS.


MBS is a place for experiential, hands on, learning. Their signature academic programs, such as “Learning Outside the Classroom Walls” and “Social Emotional Competencies” in Middle School, as well as “Independent Studies” and the “Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program” (ICP) in Upper School, set them apart. “Experiential learning is central to the future of MBS, and forms a cornerstone of the newest strategic plan, as we aspire to help students make connections between their classes and the world beyond school,” says Head of School Liz Morrison.

A highlight of the beautiful 22-acre campus is the Center for Innovation & Design (CID), 8,000 square feet of flexible space for students to design, experiment and problem solve. The 25,000 square-foot Math & Science Center and Science on a Sphere® (SOS) are a big draw for students. SOS is an educational tool designed by NOAA that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data on a 6-foot diameter sphere.


MBS just launched its newest signature program, the Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program. The ICP offers pathways for students eager to explore an aspect of the world that transcends individual classes, disciplines and extracurricular pursuits. Students may apply for any one of three concentration pathways at the end of their freshman year: “Arts and Innovation,” “Global Citizenship” and “Ethics, Leadership, Justice.”

Working weekly with a concentration advisor and a cohort of peers, students will progress through sophomore, junior and senior year committing to electives,independent projects, discussions, retreats and community service opportunities that further their journey down a concentration pathway to real world experiences. “MBS is a leader in student engagement and empowerment,” says Morrison. “Our faculty are experts in their disciplines, but more importantly, they understand the incredible abilities our students possess and seek to partner with them to further their academic and personal development.”

At MBS, the aim is not just covering content and scoring well on tests; it’s analytical and creative thinking and real understanding. Students are encouraged to take risks, push into challenging new territory and explore all their talents. Students thrive at MBS and graduate well prepared for the challenges of college and university studies. Their skills in thinking, writing and time management set them apart, while the qualities of mind they develop position them for long-term success.


  • Tuition Fee|$42,235–43,875
  • Student Number|585
  • County|Morris
  • GRADES|6th-12th