Montclair Cooperative School

65 Chestnut St., Montclair, NJ, 07042



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he Montclair Cooperative School was founded in 1963 and has been a leader in progressive education for 58 years. The Co-op keeps children at the center of school life, engages parents in their children’s education and guides its students towards their own personal growth and excellence.

From preschool (2.5 years) through eighth grade, the school’s approach is to educate the whole child by meeting each child where they are and making sure each child feels seen and heard.


The Co-op’s mission is to create a nurturing and diverse environment, where children grow and flourish intellectually, emotionally and socially. Using progressive models for learning, emphasis is always placed on children’s work and the way they think about their world.

The development of social-emotional skills is an integral part of the Co-op, where children learn how to negotiate, to reach consensus, resolve conflicts and advocate for themselves and others.

Co-op teachers create a deep and personal connection with students, examining every child’s thinking individually and in small groups, planning curriculum that will stretch each child in academics, the arts and social skills.


At the heart of the Co-op’s success is a sense of community. The school believes parents are partners in their children’s education, and are offered meaningful opportunities to participate in many aspects of Co-op life.

Parents support the school by assisting in their child’s classroom, lending time and talent through a family job, fundraising or serving on a committee. Being a Co-op parent is an experience they cherish.

Alumni and alumni families remain connected to the Co-op, giving back to the community in which they thrived.

Together, the school respects and nurtures its community, holding true to the belief that a child who is socially and emotionally in a good, balanced place has a strong foundation for continued study, growth and a lifelong love for learning.

Finding the right school takes time and great care. Keeping children engaged in their own learning encourages them to be creative with their education—no matter the format.

Whether you’re enrolling your child into school for the first time, or interested in moving to an inspiring place for students, contact the Montclair Cooperative School to learn more about the joy of being part of the Co-op.


  • Tuition Fee|$10,000–23,000
  • Student Number|160
  • County|Essex
  • GRADES|Pre-K-8th