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Landmark College At a Glance:

  • The first institution of higher learning for individuals with learning differences (such as dyslexia, ADHD, or autism) offers short term summer programs to help students become better learners
  • Programs are available for rising high school juniors and seniors; high school graduates transitioning to college, and students enrolled at others colleges
  • In addition to programs offered on the Landmark College campus in Putney, Vermont, there are separate programs in Denver, Colorado and Berkeley, California
  • A diagnosed learning difference is not required to apply for any program
  • Financial aid is available to qualifying students for most programs


Landmark College Summer Programs for High School and College Students

For over 30 years, Landmark College has provided opportunities for students with learning differences (such as dyslexia, ADHD, or autism) to identify their strengths and develop strategies for academic success.

Whether they are in high school, about to enter college, or struggling at another institution, our programs help students unlock their potential as learners and prepare them for the independence of college life. (Please note that a diagnosed learning difference is not required for participation in these programs.)

High School Summer Program | July 12 ─ August 1 | Putney, Vermont
This three-week academic program offers abundant opportunities for high school students who struggle to keep up or who simply want to experience the atmosphere of college. There is a concurrent Social Pragmatics Track for students who show strong academic potential and have challenges related to autism or a similar diagnosis. Students will focus on making social connections while developing stronger academic routines for college readiness.

Summer College Readiness Program | July 19 ─ August 1 | Putney, Vermont
The transition from high school to college — and from home to residence hall — can be daunting. This two-week program gives college-bound high school graduates the resources and self-advocacy skills they need for college success.

Summer Bridge Experience | July 5 ─ August 8 | Putney, Vermont
Current college students will learn from professors who understand the challenges and frustrations students with learning differences encounter in the classroom. In this 5-week program, students can earn transferable credits and explore Vermont’s beautiful countryside.

Preparing Students for College Success | July 12 ─ August 1 | Denver, Colorado
Landmark College has partnered with Johnson & Wales University’s Denver campus to offer a three-week program for high school students focused on executive function (EF) skills development. Students will learn how to apply writing processes, understand academic strengths and learning style, and integrate strategies for academic success. An optional Workshop for Parents on July 12 provides insights into student needs and introduces parents to tools that reinforce the program’s skills and strategies.

Bay Area Boot Camp | July 27 ─ July 31 | Berkeley, California
This rigorous, five-day workshop located on the campus of UC-Berkeley is designed to help new and continuing college students feel better prepared and more confident as they begin fall classes. Landmark College instructors will introduce strategies for test-taking, time management techniques, note-taking skills and more.

Which program is the best one for your student? Visit and fill out the Request for Information form. You will be contacted by a member of the College’s Summer Program staff to get answers to all your questions.