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In the world of independent schools, the phenomenon of getting caught up in the “rat race” for college placement is one Gill St. Bernard’s knows all too well.

“For many, college is seen as the finish line,” says Eric Loy, Associate Director of Marketing.

“What makes GSB different is our commitment to not just preparing students for academic success at top colleges and universities, but providing students with a true foundation— educationally, socially, and intellectually —for a meaningful life.

“Our students are more than a test score and more than a stat line. Education is more than meets the eye.”

GSB’s North Star? Balance

Gill St. Bernard’s was established in 1900 with the founding of St. Bernard’s School and merged with The Gill School (founded in 1934) in 1972.

There are 24 buildings, a working farm, a trout stream, and a performing arts and community center on the 208-acre, collegiate-style campus for preschool to 12th grade students.

While academics are rigorous, the guiding principle at GSB is balance.

“Balance means combining our curriculum, impressive arts and athletic programs, experiential learning opportunities, character development, and an ever-growing list of extracurricular activities,” Loy says. “That notion of balance is the difference between being challenged and being pushed.”

Alumnus Eddie McCarthy (Class of ’20) puts it even simpler: “Wherever it is you want to grow as a person, GSB is going to help you get there.”

Family Relationships, Safely

During COVID, GSB was open for in-person instruction every day last year for all of its students and is requiring employees to be fully vaccinated at the start of this school year.

It will keep its daily cleaning protocols in light of students who may be ineligible for vaccines or only partially vaccinated when school starts. Hand sanitizer stations will also remain in place.

But even with rigid protocols last year, GSB takes prides in what it was able to accomplish.

“As a small school by design, GSB is a place where both students and families can get involved, find their voice, and truly make a difference,” Loy says. “Whether you’re participating in a classroom project, on a sports team, in a club, or at a Parent’s Association event, families create meaningful relationships with one another. There’s support every step of the way.”


  • Tuition Fee|$12,000–42,000
  • Student Number|653
  • County|Somerset
  • GRADES|Pre-K-12th