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If you ask your bookworms what they want to be when they grow up, chances are they’ll answer author. That’s why we love this new book by YA author Ally Carter (The Gallagher Girls, Heist Society and Embassy Row series, Not If I Save You First). Dear Ally, How Do You Write A Book?  is the ultimate resource guide for your budding writers with wisdom gleaned by a range of authors.

In the book, young adult authors like Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments series), Holly Black (The Folk of the Air series), Kiersten White (The Conquerors series), David Levithan (Every Day), Marie Lu (Warcross series), Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles series) and others answer questions like:

  • How long it takes to write a novel?
  • How many revisions does it take?
  • How many words should I be writing per day?
  • How do I flesh out my plot and characters?
  • How do I make my characters’ backstories more interesting?

Using motivation, comedy and sincerity (plus infographics!), Carter touches on all the important topics, from how to start your novel to what to do once you have a manuscript.

Readers will learn about the writing and publishing process, from that first idea to release day, along with tips and advice from 29 other seasoned authors from a variety of genres (but all experienced with YA). They’ll also learn the answers to questions they didn’t know they needed to ask.

So if your kids have ever wondered how to write a book, they’ll find the answers—as readers always do—between the pages of this awesome resource. There’s no greater tool (or motivator) than learning from others who’ve walked the path before you.

Recommended for ages 12+. Dear Ally, How Do You Write A Book? can be purchased here.

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