Basking Ridge Country Club Junior Golf Camps

185 Madisonville Rd., Basking Ridge, NJ, 7920



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Fore! It’s not the typical summer camp war cry, but at Basking Ridge Country Club’s Junior Golf Camps, the golfer’s warning is as common as ghost stories at a sleepaway camp.

The country club has offered week-long junior golf camps for 15 years, the goal being to create an environment of learning and fun that will foster both personal confidence and a lifelong enjoyment of the game. Campers have access to three putting greens, a large chipping green with two green-side bunkers, a driving range and the club’s full 18-hole course. There are half- and full-day camps open to golfers of any skill level ages 7-16.

The camps use “creative games” to teach the fundamentals, with one instructor per seven students. Half-day campers focus on developing fine motor skills, reinforced through instructional stations that hone aspects of the game such as chipping, putting and full swing. Full-day campers have the same morning schedules, but spend most of the afternoon on the course learning how to manage the intricacies of individual holes. They also have lunch and hop in the club’s pool for a midday swim.

Camps are designed to educate golfers in all aspects of the swing, the game and its application to the course. Camps typically pair golfers of roughly equivalent skill and are staffed by PGA golf professionals. Keeping the personalities and talents of each camper in mind, the camp pays special attention to the dynamics of the group.

Proper golf etiquette, safety and rules are also covered in all clinics and camps. This teaching philosophy allows all campers to achieve success and gain greater enjoyment for golf at an earlier age.

185 Madisonville Rd., Basking Ridge


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