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Russell M. Sandman, DMD

Specialty: Orthodontics

Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Russell Sandman and his highly-trained team provide warm, friendly orthodontic care and make each patient’s treatment experience fun and successful. Inspired by his own orthodontic transformation, Dr. Sandman’s patient-centered philosophy delivers customized treatment plans unique to each patient’s needs and goals. “Orthodontics can be a life changer, so we’re truly passionate about what we do,” says Dr. Sandman, a proud new father of a baby girl.

Zealous about staying on top of the latest orthodontic advances, Dr. Sandman offers cuttingedge treatments using 3-D modeled, roboticallyassisted technology to help patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles faster than ever before. “The best part of my job is watching patients look in the mirror and crack confident, beautiful smiles,” he says.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Sandman earned his MS in orthodontics at Columbia University. He’s a past president of the New Jersey Association of Orthodontists and current president of the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists.


Because he always make me feel like I am the only patient he has! ~Leslie, Old  Tappan

Besides the fact that he’s very good at his profession, he’s also great at making connections and sharing interests with the children, and that makes every visit a great experience for them. ~Marco, Norwood

Dr. Sandman gives professional advice, and he is super friendly to everyone in the clinic. ~Hilda, Westwood

Dr. Sandman has an unparalleled commitment to the field of orthodontics. ~Avinash, Dumont

Dr. Sandman is a perfectionist and really cares about his patients. His office is like a family and he closely monitors his patients care even after the braces are off!! Trust me – they stay straight! ~Elisa, Tenafly

Dr. Sandman is a very friendly, hands-on, reachable doctor who is very straight forward with everything he does with our son. ~Lisa, Closter

 Dr. Sandman is absolutely amazing. He made sure to know my son personally in order to make every appointment interesting and important for him. ~Scott, Harrington Park

Dr. Sandman is my daughter’s favorite doctor because he is always so friendly, with a funny sense of humor which makes her feel very comfortable and at ease. And he is making her smile beautiful! ~Leslie, Old Tappan

Dr. Sandman is very kind and shows he cares about my daughters. ~Guitta, Cresskill

Dr. Sandman is very nice. He did an excellent job for my two daughters and he is doing an excellent job for my son also. ~John, Hillsdale

He engages in conversation with his patients, knows his patients and runs exciting games where you can win great prizes. ~Stacey, Cresskill

He is an excellent orthodontist and has impeccable bedside manner. ~Stefanie, Norwood

 Excellent work, great with kids and adults. He truly cares about you and everyone in your family. ~Brad, Dumont

He has exceptional service and rapport with the children. ~Brett, Demarest

Exceptionally competent, great patient care knowing and remembering my child very well. ~Gilbert, Tenafly

Extremely nice, pleasant and funny with the kids and the parents, very professional! ~Sharon, Closter

Great with kids! Makes going to the doctor fun! ~Tammy, New Milford

Great, personal, service with exceptional results. He’s a perfectionist! ~Paula, Closter

He always makes you feel so welcomed and makes you laugh! ~Patty, Dumont

He genuinely has our special needs son’s best interest in mind. ~Patrick, Harrington Park

He goes over and well beyond to make sure your child is comfortable and thoroughly understands what needs to be done to maintain their braces. ~Andrea, Emerson

He helped my daughter to enjoy the period of time she had braces, and he helped my older daughter to fix previous treatments that were made by other orthodontist.
~Tally, Tenafly

He is a fabulous orthodontist with an even better bedside manner. He makes his patients feel comfortable, safe and always prepares them for what is ahead. ~Jocelyn, Tenafly

He is a perfectionist when it comes to the kids’ teeth, the kids like him because he can relate to them on their level, parents like him because he is a great guy. He has great incentive programs for the kids, and the office staff is great too! ~Stacy, Closter

He is amazing with the kids. He is patient and there for us always. He is honest and funny and takes the time out to explain things in a way we can all understand. ~Bonnie, Closter

He is an amazing orthodontist that loves what he does and is phenomenal with the children he treats. ~Christina, Wayne

He is an excellent orthodontist, very friendly and great with patients. He takes you through the appliance step-by-step and makes you feel less worried. He always has a smile on his face ready to greet his patients. He is overall a great doctor and person. ~Andreani, Demarest

He is attentive, great with the kids and parents, remembers every detail of your case and your life, and is a great doctor too.  ~Amy, Old Tappan

He is awesome with my daughter and explains everything in great detail which helps parents make the right decisions. ~Liz, Teaneck

 He is kind and friendly. His office environment is wonderful. ~Daniel, Tenafly

He is so patient and really connects with every kid. Dr. Sandman goes above and beyond to make sure your child feels good. He truly loves what he does and it shows everyday. My kids teeth also look awesome! ~Garen, Norwood

He is the friendliest, kindest dentist I have ever met in my 74 years on this planet. ~Daniel, Tenafly

 He is the quintessential professional. He is meticulous about his work, caring and makes everyone feel special. ~Randy, Tenafly

He is very in touch with kids’ culture and interests, so his practice is full of attractive video and board games and that also facilitates his interaction and communication with the children. ~Marco, Norwood

He is a very knowledgeable, loving and cheerful doctor. ~Natalia, Closter

He made my son feel extremely comfortable and he looks forward to seeing him and his staff again. ~Suzanne, Hillsdale

He puts the kids at ease, is always friendly, has a great sense of humor and if he tells them to do better next time, he says it in such a way that they actually do!
~Aske, Cresskill

He takes the time to create a friendly relationship with the patient. ~Dina, Cresskill

He truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and makes sure their teeth are perfectly shaped. Dr. Sandman doesn’t mind going the extra mile it takes to create that perfect smile. Two of my boys are under Dr. Sandman’s care and they love going to see him. My boys are not good with following daily requirements given by Dr. Sandman everyday but Dr. Sandman is very patient.
~Youn, Palisades Park

 He’s an excellent orthodontist. He, along with his staff, is extremely friendly and great with the kids. He’s always running contests where the kids can win big prizes and they look forward to their appointments.
~Jennifer, Norwood

 He’s brilliant, patient, kind, funny and engaging. ~Brittany, Norwood

He’s nice and very easy to contact when you need something. He listens and wants the best for the kids. Also he is not pushing for treatment that is not needed. ~Marion, Haworth

 He’s patient with your child. Honest without being harsh. He carries easy conversation with my child and is approachable. He educates you and your child without seeming condescending. He sincerely listens to your concerns and thinks of proactive solutions, he address your concerns in his solution and he also thinks outside the box.  ~Elizabeth, Hackensack

I feel he cares about my daughter’s treatment as if she were his own child. ~Sung, Cresskill

I trust him to be honest about his evaluations. He makes us feel he has all the time in the world to consult and speak with us and he always makes himself available for questions. It took my daughter 3 visits to agree to get braces and he never made us feel it wasted his time. He called us at home to check on her many, many times. You don’t see this often these days. ~Rochelle, Tenafly

My son is special needs and we never thought we would get braces on him but Dr.Sandman continued to work with him patiently and he now has braces on.
~Alison, Harrington Park

Not only is his office clean, welcoming and very professionally managed, Dr. Sandman himself is very friendly, trustworthy and sincere with the patients. He makes them feel at ease, and is very accessible should there be a problem that needs attention. ~Toleen, Northvale

Dr. Sandman makes sure my child, who is claustrophobic, feels comfortable and knows what is going on. The entire staff is respectful of Dr. Sandman and loves what they do and loves their patients. Everyone greets us and remembers us and what we talked about! I can’t even remember what I did the day before. Sounds cliche but Dr Sandman is the nicest doctor and he is truly an expert at what he does. ~Sheila, Demarest

Super attentive and best bedside manner. The staff is also supreme! ~Kelli, Cresskill

 This doctor is very thorough and detail oriented. He is very good about explaining everything that is going on in a realistic, up front way. We are very happy working with him so far and anticipate a continued good relationship which will be beneficial to our son’s needs. ~Lisa, Closter

 We searched three different orthodontists for my daughter. When we met Dr Sandman he asked her questions and dealt directly with her versus the other doctors who dealt directly with me. She was absolutely smitten with him and also loved that he had a reward point system. He is always very friendly and has not rushed anything with the process of her path to braces. The fact that he wanted to talk directly with her was so surprising to me yet makes all the sense in the world and I really respect Dr Sandman for that. ~Wendy, Cresskill

 You can always call him if you have any problem, he is always nice, he is very funny, he is professional and he is doing a great job with my 2 kids. They love him very much! ~Diana, Closter

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