Even though summer is a time away from school, it doesn't have to be a time away from learning. Here are five educational and fun activities you can do with your kids:

  • Paint with Ice – Education.com has directions for how to freeze paint cubes. Not only is this a fantastic way to teach color mixing as the colors blend as they melt, but it's the perfect activity to cool down on a hot summer's day.
  • Seven Layer Destiny Column – Steve Spangler Science explains how to stack seven different liquids for a "science burrito." Kids can shake and repeat, all the while learning about density.
  • Fireworks in a Jar – I Can Teach My Child offers another lesson on density with this project. All you do is add food coloring to oil and water to create a fireworks display — the drops of food coloring "explode" as they dissolve in the water.
  • Rainbow Rice Eye Spy Bottle – Pink and Green Mama shows you how to make travel sensory bottles filled with rainbow rice and trinkets for kids to discover. Great for teaching colors and counting, not to mention helping to pass the time on long car rides.
  • Science Play: Make a Hanger Balance – Let's Explore Play Everyday has directions for an easy-to-make balance that can then be used to conduct a variety of weight experiments. Make predictions about which things will weigh more, and then keep track of how many times each person guesses correctly.
Looking for additional fun and educational activity ideas? We have more than 50 on our Educational Activities Pinterest Board. Come check them out or add your own to the comments below!