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As we near the end of this remote school year, New Jersey isn’t quite sure how the next school year will look—and a lot of that depends on the outbreak of the pandemic and the possible second wave. Will schools stick with remote learning in the fall or completely reopen? Will different schools use different opening strategies? With a whole summer to strategize, the NJ Department of Education has sent a survey to parents that will help the DOE decide what their next steps should be.

The survey asks 14 questions, ranging from if you’ll send your kids to school in the fall and what technology you have available at home to how remote learning has impacted your child’s learning abilities and the safety of school transportation options. It’s unclear which NJ parents have received the survey.

After Governor Murphy closed schools and moved to remote learning on March 18, he declared they would remain closed for in-person instruction for the rest of the school year on May 4. Since then, he’s announced in-person graduations may continue beginning July 6—if schools follow social distancing guidelines.

For schools to safely reopen, they’ll need to follow guidance issued by the CDC. If schools can answer yes to the follow “decision tree” questions, they can consider reopening:

  • Will reopening be consistent with applicable state and local orders?
  • Is the school ready to protect children and employees at higher risk for severe illness?
  • Are you able to screen students and employees upon arrival for symptoms and history of exposure?

If you’d like to take the survey, it’s voluntary and your answers will remain anonymous. Responses must be submitted by midnight on Monday, June 8, 2020.

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