There’s room for a little artistic fun during Passover, right? Creating one of these crafts will make the holiday a little more creative.

Lego Seder Plate

Pretty sure we've never seen a more awesome seder plate than this one, especially since it is totally made from LEGOs. Have the kids ransack their stash (promise they'll get them back) and use all those odd little pieces to make this. 

Great Idea From: Bible Belt Balabusta

Origami Jumping Frogs

Keep the kids in the story, and make the plague part of seder more entertaining with some fun frogs to play with. All you need is some colored paper and pens. Follow the instructions and in a few folds you'll have as many frogs as you need (in any size you desire).

Great Idea From: Creative Jewish Mom 

Elijah’s Drinking Cup

Passover craft for kids: Goblet for Elijah

Want to leave a cup out for Elijah? How about this adorable homemade one that's done with all recycled materials. You'll need a yogurt cup, a used glue stick and some cardboard to create your base — then decorate with colorful tissue paper.

Great Idea From: Highlights Kids 

Star of David Suncatcher

Simple Star of David sun catcher craft (would make a sweet Christmas tree ornament to combine the traditions of Hanukkah and Christian holidays)

So pretty, and you could either hang on a window, or from a lamp over your table. You need popsicle sticks and tissue paper to make this pretty Star of David.

Great Idea From: Craft Project Ideas 

Afikoman Pouch

Family Fun: Afikoman Bag for Passover #passoverpotluck

The kids are going to go crazy searching for the Afikoman, so you might as well let them have fun decorating the pouch. Use felt and some fabric glue to make an envelope and seal the sides, and then use paint pens or buttons or stickers to make it extra festive.

Great Idea From: Tori Avey 

Moses’ Basket

Activities: Make a Basket for Moses

These little baskets are simple and fun to make and would be a cute addition to your passover table (you could put flowers or some other fun spring items inside). Just cut strips of construction paper, and carefully weave them together. The kids might need a little bit of help with the shaping, but the process is fairly simple.

Great Idea From: 

Matzo House

Matzo House

Why should Gingerbread get to have all the fun? Let Matzo in on the action, by using it to create the walls of your "house" — then decorate with candies (kosher for passover ones, of course).

Great Idea From: Fun Family Crafts 

10 Plagues Passover Pals

These decorative friends make counting down the plagues a lot more adorable. Whether the blood, the frog, the louse, or the lion, let the kids use their best drawing skills to bring them to life. When your drawing is complete, place a stick in between the two sides of the craft. If you make them smaller, you could use straws instead of sticks.

Great Idea From: Creative Jewish Mom

Felt on a Seder Plate

Pretty, affordable and totally reusable. Use felt to "carve" this egg and parsley! Once all your food is cut and ready to be served place is on a plate and glue it down. Bon Appetit!

Great Idea From: Design Megillah 

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