Looking for a way to mix up your traditional Easter feast? These Easter sweets will impress your family (and especially your in-laws!).

Poked Pecan Carrot Cake

Easter desserts
Something Swanky

You may have a tried and true carrot cake recipe that you love—but it could use a little pizzazz. If that’s the case, take it to the next level with pecans and caramel. You’ll have to wipe the drool off your grandma’s face.

Full recipe: Something Swanky 

Peanut Butter Eggs

Easter desserts
Cincy Shopper

Did you already eat your whole bag of Reese’s eggs? And the ones that you were supposed to be leaving in the kid’s Easter baskets? Save the day by making your own at home! (And no one will know how many you eat!)

Full recipe: Cincy Shopper

Easter Cookie Sandwich

Easter desserts
Tobins’ Tastes

These springy cookie sandwiches are a cross between a cookie sandwich and a whoopie pie, which means they’re extra delicious. Add in some M&M’s and we doubt you’ll have any left.

Full recipe: Tobins’ Tastes

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