Whether you work for a large employer or have a small business, your day-to-day work life is more uncertain than ever during COVID-19. What should you be doing if your business is shut down? How can you navigate applying for a small business loan? What steps can you take to reinvent your career? No matter the size or stage of your business, a free webinar aims to offer some answers to your most burning questions. The webinar is being hosted by Morphmom, a community of women in different stages of parenting trying to figure out their next step.


The hour-long webinar, Business as (Un)Usual: Pivoting Your Business During These Uncertain Times, will take place on April 1. at 2 pm. A host of experts will offer guidance on what businesses should be doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel will address your business questions from a legal, financial, insurance, and marketing/social media perspective.  An employment attorney will also address the impact of distance learning on students and you.

The panel includes:

Kathleen Butler Smith: Moderator, CEO of MORPHMOM

Kerry Barrett: Former New Anchor/Reporter, NBC News and Former Anchor, Fox News, Kerry Barrett Consulting

Janelle Edwards-Stewart: Employment and Education Attorney, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman

Kathleen Entwistle: Sr. Vice President, Wealth Management, UBS and Host of UBS Podcast

Stephanie Johnson: Vice President, Employee Benefits, USI Insurance Services

Pamela Kapsimalis: Business Attorney, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman

To register for this free Zoom meeting, go to https://www.morphmom.com/events-1.

As you think about what’s next in your work life while sheltering in place, a second free meetup will highlight examples of people who’ve successfully reinvented their careers after the age of 40. If you’ve thought about wanting to make a change and do something new as your kids get older, you’ll want to join this virtual event. The event, a 5 pm Virtual Zoom Happy Hour, will be held on April 2 and will feature a conversation with Author Ginny Brzezinski.

Ginny is the co-author of “Comeback Careers: Rethink, Refresh, Reinvent Your Success—At 40, 50, and Beyond” with her sister-in-law Mika Brzezinski, the New York Times bestselling author and co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Mika and Ginny interviewed dozens of career-changers working in a variety of fields, from finance to academics to art to show readers that career reinvention is possible at any age.

The author of several books, Mika Brzezinski’s first book on the subject of owning and understanding our worth is “Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth.” The book is filled with tips on negotiating salary. The new book by the Brzezinski team is also a Know Your Value book. Be sure to check out the Know Your Value site for tips and insights during these uncertain times, including how Mika Brzezinski’s helping her 88-year-old mother through this pandemic.

Pour a glass of wine and join this virtual Zoom Happy Hour at 5 pm on April 2 by heading to https://www.morphmom.com/events-1 and clicking on the Zoom link.

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