At Winston Preparatory School New Jersey, educators forge a deep clinical and diagnostic understanding of students’ learning challenges to develop customized educational programs. Since its inception in 1981, the Winston Preparatory School network—which now has eight national programs including the New Jersey campus in Whippany—has offered individualized education for students in grades 3-12 with challenges such as dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities, expressive and receptive language disorders and ADHD. 

The school utilizes a neuropsychological paradigm to understand learning disorders and a continuous feedback model to design the curriculum. “Deeply understanding our students’ learning profiles allows us to design customized curriculums that specifically aim to remediate their areas of weakness while continuing to challenge them in their areas of strength,” says Head of School Erica Piche.

The school also implements 45 minutes of daily one-on-one Focus Program instruction. “Each student is matched with a specialist based on their unique academic needs. Whether it’s reading, writing, language, math, or executive function skills, the Focus teacher works every day to improve the student’s weaknesses and foster independence,” Piche says.
As a result of Winston Prep’s unique educational approach, 90 percent of our students move on to a four-year college and approximately 75 percent graduate within five years.

Winston Prep offers an array of activities ranging from a basketball and cross-country team to a homework club, art and theater programs, student council and community service opportunities. The school partners with local, state and national charities and hosts community events throughout the year.

901 Rte. 10 E., Whippany

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