Successfully guiding a child with a learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, and nonverbal learning disorders (NVLD) through their early years into adulthood is probably one of the most challenging tasks for any parent. What makes this journey even harder is that every child has unique needs and most traditional learning methods weren’t designed for any one child. This is where Winston Preparatory School can help.

What differentiates Winston Prep’s learning methodology is an in-depth understanding of each student which results in grouping by learning profile and precisely designed programming. Teachers assess how each student is responding to their skill development plan and adjust their approach based on that.

Winston Prep New Jersey, located in Whippany in Morris County, is part of Winston Preparatory School’s national network of campuses. These campuses and the fully online program serve learners in grades 3-12 in addition to Winston Transitions, a program for young adults ages 17-21+, not yet ready for college or the workplace. 

Winston Prep’s Focus program allows teachers to work one-to-one with each student daily for individualized instruction. This is accomplished through the Continuous Feedback System, which helps kids move into greater levels of self-awareness, giving them the tools to succeed. The results are stellar. More than 99 percent of Winston Prep students graduate high school, compared to 70 percent of students with learning differences nationwide. Learn more at our-campuses/new-jersey or contact Director of Admissions Meredith Fisher at

901 Rte. 10 E., Whippany