Williams Law Group, LLC

Allison C. Williams, Esq., April Katz Israeli, Esq., Victoria D. Miranda, Esq., Laurie J. Madziar, Esq.

Specialty: Family Law / Child Abuse

(L-R): (Standing) Alvin Eugene Richards III, Allison C. Williams, Sean O’Connor, Laurie J. Madziar (Seated) Victoria D. Miranda, April Katz Israeli

The experienced attorneys at Williams Law Group, LLC rely on their vast knowledge and compassion to help mothers, fathers and children with family law and child abuse cases. Williams Law Group is the only firm in the state led by a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers who also focuses on child welfare matters.


“Our expertise informs everything we do in the realm of advocating for families, from child development to parenting plans,” says Allison C. Williams, founder and owner of Williams Law Group. “We’ve never been focused solely on financial outcomes—our approach is about helping clients reach a place of being fully satisfied as individuals once the legal process is over.”

Williams works alongside Victoria D. Miranda, April Katz Israeli, Laurie J. Madziar, Gene Richards and Sean O’Connor to determine the right course of action while helping clients achieve favorable results for divorce, custody and child support issues. Founded in 2013, the firm’s experience in child abuse law provides a cutting-edge approach to family matters involving mental illness, safety/risk and substance abuse. “Our firm was founded on the principle that nobody deserves to have their life turned upside down because of divorce, custody issues or domestic violence—instead, it’s our mission to help clients build a new life for themselves,” Williams says.


The attorneys serve as aggressive advocates who offer compassionate service. They help clients overcome issues ranging from substance abuse to relationship issues.

“Divorce is about more than just assets or liabilities—it’s an extremely personal issue, and we’re well-equipped to address our clients’ mental and emotional needs at a deeper level than most family law firms,” Williams says. “Whether it’s guiding them on how to handle money or reshaping their relationship with their former spouse, we’re not focused on what clients are leaving behind, but helping them find fulfillment in their new lives.”


“Ms. Williams aided us in seeking custody of a foster child. Ms. Williams sorted through the facts that were usable, highlighted the strength of our view, was frank in the outcome likely and counseled us on improving our position. She listens attentively, knows the law, understands the myriad of procedures and where to put emphasis to advantage. Her professionalism and support were obvious right from the first meeting.” -M.C., Berkeley Heights

“Allison is one of the most dedicated and caring attorneys I’ve ever met. She’s truly invested in each of her clients, totally transparent about expectations and leaves nothing to surprise. Her clients can feel confident that, hands down, they have the best family law attorney in their corner going to bat for them.” -C.P., Washington

“Victoria was exceptionally understanding, as well as kind. She kept me up-to-date with all the proceedings and was very professional. She went above and beyond for our family.”-A.R., Roselle


Williams Law Group, LLC

830 Morris Tpke., Ste. 206, Short Hills

This is an advertising profile from the April 2020 issue of New Jersey Family.