From left to right: Alvin Eugene Richards III, Allison C. Williams, Sean O’Connor, Laurie J. Madziar, Victoria D. Miranda, April Katz Israeli


What sets your law practice apart?

Williams Law Group, LLC was founded in 2013 on the principle that good enough is not good enough when a family is at stake.

Though accomplished in matrimonial law, Ms. Williams is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney, a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Law, and Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a family law trial attorney. Ms. Williams built her career on helping the least fortunate, most demonized citizens battle the most formidable opponent—the State of New Jersey. In child abuse and neglect matters, there is no “meeting in the middle.” A middle of the road outcome may mean the parent never sees the child again. So, learning how to fight and prioritizing the “win” became an essential lifeblood of this law firm.

Ms. Williams has appeared in the media, on news outlets, on the Katie Couric’s talk show and has presented to local, state, national and international conferences on issues involving child abuse, neglect and welfare. Of course, not every case warrants a “fight.”

Most cases require a nuanced understanding of the very human problems that face our clients and their children. This understanding is informed by the extensive experience we have with psychological disorders, substance abuse and addiction science, developmental pediatrics, medical and mental health intervention protocols, and the countless trials, hearings, motions and pleadings we have conducted and prepared throughout New Jersey.

It’s this nuanced understanding that led the firm to dedicate an individual to meeting with and assessing new client matters to coalesce for each client the legal team best suited to meet the client’s needs and fit their unique personality.

The firm consists of a stellar legal team of attorneys, paralegals, and administrative support and handles all types of family law proceedings: divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, adoptions, grandparent visitation, domestic violence, third party custody applications, and the one area of family law that the majority of family law practitioners will not handle—child abuse and neglect proceedings.

Our attorneys have appeared in every county in this state, in Superior Court, the Appellate Division and the New Jersey Supreme Court.

We also handle administrative appeals of child abuse investigation outcomes and advice and consultation of individuals involved in these matters, whether the person be the accused or a parent understandably concerned with the welfare of his or her child.

Our expertise in handling the worst of issues in the most dire of circumstances helps us deliver winning outcomes to our clients, day in and day out.

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