Getting elementary school-aged kids the COVID-19 vaccine is top of mind for countless parents. And while Pfizer said its vaccine for kids ages 5-11 has been determined to be safe, many parents are skeptical, if not downright opposed to getting their children the shot once it’s FDA-approved. On the other side of the spectrum are parents who have enrolled their children in clinical trials.

According to data from Savanta, a market research company, 58 percent of Americans with children under 12 plan to vaccinate their children under 12 once the COVID-19 vaccination is available to them. And 42 percent with children under 12 say they won’t vaccinate their children under 12 once the COVID-19 vaccination is available to them.

The CDC currently recommends the vaccine for everyone 12 and older, and has published a myths and facts page to clear up any concerns.

When we polled parents on our New Jersey Family Facebook page, some were in support of getting it for their younger children:

“If you want to keep the kids in school and keep schools open then I would hope your answer would be yes,” one commenter wrote in response to a question on whether or they would get their young child vaccinated.

“Can’t wait. Soon as it’s here, I will have my 6-year-old take the vaccine,” wrote another parent.

“Yes! I believe in vaccines and the FDA!” said another person.

But not everyone was on board with a vaccine for young kids.

“Yikes! Adults are one thing, but given the newness of this vaccine this makes me cringe,” commented one person. “Without fully understanding the long-term implications I would personally hold out on injecting my children. Everyone has to do what’s best for them so I just hope this doesn’t become a mandate. Parents should have the right to choose and individual health considerations should be made.”

“Nope…I don’t even have it…why would I get it for them…” wrote another parent.
“Not until it’s out for years will I trust it,” posted another person.
All NJ school employees must be fully vaccinated by October 18 or submit to weekly testing. It remains
to be seen if NJ will mandate vaccines for schoolchildren, as California has done. Are you planning to have your child vaccinated? Tell us in the comments.