When the power goes out, you first want to make sure everyone’s warm enough of course—whether than means hooking up the generator to run some space heaters, or cranking up the fire in the fireplace. But once you’ve attended to basic needs, get reacquainted with some non-electronic fun with these no-outlets-required ideas.

Flashlight Tag
As long as you have batteries to spare, give the kids their own flashlights and let them run around the house playing a fun game of tag. Bonus: If it’s cold, this will keep them moving.

Play Cards
Teach them how to play REAL solitaire, instead of using the iPad. It might blow their mind.

Board Games
All those board games in your closet collecting dust? Drag them out and pick one to play. An epic game of Monopoly could keep the whole family busy and happy for hours.

Make Blanket Forts
The blankets will help keep the kids nice and toasty and deciding what to put where works on their engineering skills. .

Make S'mores
If you've got a fireplace, let the kids make s'mores  for some good old camping fun.

Arts and Crafts
Making beaded necklaces, embroidery thread friendship bracelets or rainbow loom jewelry is a great way to kill the time.

Build LEGOs
Did your kid get one of those giant Star Wars or Harry Potter sets for Christmas? Never have time to do it? This is the perfect opportunity to sit and attack it together.

Hide and Seek
So much more fun to play in the dark, right? Let the kids find some really great hiding spots.

Snuggle Up and Read a Book
Nothing better than cuddling up on the couch with the kids, and just reading together aloud by flashlight or candlelight.

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