Westfield Pediatric Dental Group

Timothy McCabe, DMD; Julie Jong, DMD; Kelly Walk, DDS; John Chang, DDS

Specialty: Pediatric Dentistry

Left to right: Drs. Kelly Walk, Timothy P. McCabe, Julie Y. Jong, John Chang

Founded more than 55 years ago, Westfield Pediatric Dental Group provides comprehensive pediatric dental care in a safe, welcoming environment. Focused on prevention, the compassionate specially-trained, child-focused staff encourages families to plan their child’s first visit at age one. 

Friendly, Relaxed Dental Visits

“Whether it’s a parent of a newborn who needs help with nursing or a teenager who needs motivation to improve their oral care, our comforting and exceptional patient experience begins the moment they walk through the door,” says Dr. Timothy McCabe, a father of three.

Dr. McCabe works alongside board certified dentists Drs. Julie Jong, Kelly Walk and John Chang in a newly-renovated office that features a game room, train table, TVs in the ceiling above each dental chair and two fish tanks. 

“Our child-friendly staff makes visits inviting and relaxed. We’re genuinely interested in the families we care for and love to discuss each child’s interests and accomplishments,” Dr. McCabe says.

Treating Generations of Families

The practice utilizes laser dentistry and nitrous oxide, oral sedation and in-office and hospital general anesthesia options are available. A member of the International Association of Tongue Tie Professionals, Dr. McCabe specializes in caring for newborns, infants and children with lip and tongue tie issues as well as treating patients with special needs.

A Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. McCabe earned his DMD from Temple University and specialty training at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. He has served on staff at Children’s Specialized Hospital and Overlook Medical Center for his entire 29-year career. “We’re now treating the children of our former patients, which we believe is a true testament about the positive experience we provide for our families here at WPDG,” he says. 

Westfield Pediatric Dentistry

555 Westfield Ave., Westfield

“Dr. McCabe is great with my sons. My one son has challenges and asks a bunch of questions. He also has sensory issues and Dr. McCabe and his staff are wonderful with him. He and his staff are wonderful at making him feel at ease and reassuring him. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything and answers all of our questions. His staff is also fantastic. Cristina and Martha were great at his most recent visit. The whole practice is helpful and thoughtful. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming, happy, bright and fun for kids.” – C.S., Scotch Plains

“Dr. McCabe and his office took my 8-year old as an emergency. He needed 4 teeth pulled and we had spent the entire day somewhere else but nothing was done bc my son would not calm down. Martha’s calming nature kept my son calm and they were able to complete the procedure by giving my son a sedative. Plus, Dr. McCabe discovered more infection and took care of those teeth as well. Afterward, he even carried my son to the car for me!! We have already switched offices and will be seeing Dr. McCabe from now on.” – C.P., Union

“Dr. McCabe is so sweet, caring, and patient with my children and he always tell them what he’s doing and explains things thoroughly. Amazing!” – C.D., Westfield

“My kids have grown up with Dr. Jong and her practice and have no fear of going to the dentist!” – N.S., Scotch Plains

“We love Dr.Julie. She is so amazing with my son who has a language delay and has a hard time verbalizing his emotions and does not like the dentist at all. She is so patient and positive and so sweet with my son who is trying to grab at all the equipment. She is so incredible and we are grateful to have her as our dentist.” – V.L., Fanwood

“Dr. Walk is such a soothing and supportive dentist. She can sense a child’s anxiety, navigates procedures in a way that teaches, calms, and supports the child and honestly just turns managing a stressful situation to an art form. I’m a nurse and can honestly say I am in awe of her. She warms my heart.” – C.F., Clark

“Dr. Walk has a great way of speaking to kids and adults. She calmed me while watching a tough extraction on my 4-year-old.” – S.C., Summit

“Always a great experience with Dr. Walk and has been since day one! She’s always very caring and attentive with her patients. My kids actually look forward to seeing her even though she’s a dentist! I couldn’t ask for a better dentist. If my kids ever had an issue, it was handled immediately and professionally. Very kind, caring, professional staff! Definitely recommend.” – J.K., Summit

“Dr Chang is always amazing with our children. He ensures that they are calm and informed throughout their entire visit to the point where they look forward to visits with him.” – S.R., Woodbridge

“Dr. Chang has a wonderful bedside manner that consists of patience, simple explanations and gentleness with you children. My son looked forward to his visits with Dr. Chang because he was so nice and he connected with my son over video game chats.” – K.D., Scotch Plains

“Dr. Chang is so nice and patient! He really works so well with my daughter to encourage her to sit still and follow his directions. He has been a great dentist and all of his work has been professional and with high quality. We really appreciate him!” – M.H., Scotch Plains