An independent, all-girls school that educates and empowers young women in the Catholic tradition, Trinity Hall provides an innovative college preparatory program grounded in four core values—leadership, respect, perseverance and faith. The school prepares each student to achieve her full potential as she embraces her place in the world. 


“Rooted in deep faith, the Trinity Hall community is bold in its belief that when young women are supported by role models of outstanding character and academic expertise, they can be empowered to do and be anything,” says Head of School Mary Kate Blaine. “Trinity Hall is a place designed specifically for girls and the way they learn best.” 

Independently governed and taught with an all-honors curriculum in the Roman Catholic tradition, the school’s “Circle of Support” ensures that each student has the appropriate resources to help her reach her full potential while fostering a sense of community. A student advisory program, Big Sister/Little Sister program, health and wellness program, and a daily student support period offer that support along with faculty, staff, coaches and counselors. 


The school’s comprehensive college counseling program assists students in reaching their collegiate goals while award-winning arts and athletics programs allow young women the opportunity to learn, create and compete at the highest levels. Trinity Hall is home to more than 25 clubs and student organizations as well as 16 sports teams. 

“Our students are fully committed to their academic experience while understanding the importance of the greater school community,” Blaine says. Trinity Hall’s annual “Service Day” is an opportunity for the entire school community to work with local organizations on service projects, giving students exposure to charitable groups they can then connect with on a regular basis. 

“With award-winning academics, arts and athletics, we provide an environment in which our students can stretch themselves, grow by taking risks and persevere in the face of failure,” Blaine says. “They are supported by a world-class faculty that’s dedicated to providing a nurturing place that helps girls thrive. Our school community lives in faith and shows up for each other—not just on special occasions, but every day.” 

101 Corregidor Rd., Tinton Falls

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