Have you ever thought of hosting an au pair in your home but wondered about the cost and fit? Here are the top reasons why families are deciding to welcome an au pair into their home:

  1. Cultural Exchange Au pairs come from diverse corners of the globe, bringing unique cultures, languages and experiences. By hosting an au pair, your family can expand its horizons and gain firsthand insights into different cultures.
  2. Flexibility With an au pair, you have the freedom to craft a schedule that suits your family best. You can set the hours and days for your au pair’s care services, allowing you to strike a balance between your professional and personal life.3. Affordability Compared with other childcare options like nannies or daycares, hosting an au pair proves to be a cost-effective choice. Unlike many alternatives, the cost of hosting an au pair is per family, not per child. With an agency like Au Pair in America, there is never an application fee, and you can also take advantage of loyalty and corporate discounts.

    4. Language Learning If you’re looking to expose your child to a new language, hosting an au pair is an excellent option. Your kids can practice their language skills with a native speaker, potentially leading to enhanced fluency and a passion for learning new languages.5. Personalized Care With an au pair, your children receive personalized care within the comfort of your home. Au pairs can assist with homework, prepare meals, and facilitate transportation to various activities. Your children get one-on-one attention, and you’re better equipped to handle unexpected situations like sick days and school vacations.

These are just a few of the many reasons that New Jersey families like yours are choosing to host au pairs. Ready to embark on your journey as a host family? Begin exploring au pair profiles at zero cost or obligation at

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