Seasonally themed names are having a moment and with fall upon us, some quirky yet meaningful monikers inspired by autumn are trending. surveyed 2,185 people and scoured, the online gold standard in baby name data and trends, to reveal the top autumnal girl and boy names of 2020.

The most popular autumn-themed baby name for a girl is Branch with an interest increase of 150 percent. Rust is the most loved fall-inspired baby name for a boy with an interest increase of 88 percent. Other popular girl and boy autumn-themed baby names include Ash, Libra, Leaf, Radley and Omri.


In the survey, 29 percent of parents and parents-to-be said they would consider naming their baby with an autumn-themed name. Timing matters to those surveyed as well—58 percent said choosing they would choose an autumn-themed name due to the month the baby is born in.

Here are the five most popular autumn-themed baby names for girls:
1. Branch – inspired by nature and trees
2. Samhain – Gaelic meaning for ‘end of harvest season’
3. Sorrell – ‘Reddish brown’ meaning originating from France
4. Carmine – Hebrew Spanish meaning for ‘garden’
5. Ash – English origin meaning ‘ash tree’

Here are the five most popular autumn-themed baby names for boys:
1. Rust – inspired by the color rust
2. Honor – inspired by Thanksgiving
3. Birch – English name derived from the birch tree
4. Miller – ‘Grinder of grain’ meaning from the English occupational name
5. Radley – English origin meaning ‘red meadow’

Gigacalculator analyzed the most popular autumn themed baby names on with each name’s ranking determined by its overall popularity through interest. Gigacalculator then surveyed 2,185 parents or soon to be parents about the names.