The Pediatric Center

Steven Moskowitz, MD; Kathleen L. Chin, MD; Denise Visci, MD

Specialty: Pediatrics

Left to right: (Back row) Romelia Hasegawa, CPNP, Drs. Steven Moskowitz and Emily Shih. (Front row) Drs. Kathleen Chin, Denise Visci, and Clare Cardo McKegney, CPNP

The Pediatric Center’s award-winning physicians offer comprehensive pediatric and adolescent care from birth to young adult. Open seven days a week, 365 days a year, the practice includes spacious exam rooms, walk-in hours, free prenatal classes, a Lactation Support Center, nutrition counseling, holistic medicine and guidance for behavioral, developmental, educational and psychological issues. A new teen program helps adolescents navigate sexual health, body image and depression.

“We serve patients with the utmost respect and concern, and partner with families to ensure the best care possible while providing all of your health care needs in one convenient location,” Dr. Moskowitz says.

The state-of-the-art facility offers a CLIAcertified, on-site diagnostic laboratory for immediate test results, including throat cultures, urinalysis and blood work.

The practice is conveniently located and easily accessible with abundant parking. The website offers online appointments, bill pay and 24/7 access to your child’s health information through a patient portal.

  Dr. Visci is wise and loving and considers the whole child when delivering care. Dr. Visci thinks outside the traditional box to consider any approach that may help ease a child’s pain, whatever that pain may be. She also is willing to consult with others to cover all the bases. I am grateful to Dr. Visci for her exceptional care. I also want to express my sincere appreciation for every doctor at the practice. There is no doubt in my mind that they love what they do. We are lucky to be patients at The Pediatric Center in New Providence. -Julie, New Providence

 Dr. Visci loves each of her patients and knows them all by name. She takes the time to talk and answer any questions, give advice, she does not rush you and is a very knowledgeable pediatrician. She’s always happy and smiling, has a great disposition, and takes time to talk to the kids. She doesn’t make us wait long. And she follows up with phone calls to check on the children when they are sick. She’s just wonderful.  -Laurie, South Plainfield

 Dr. Moskowitz is always available, knowledgeable and caring.  ~Michael, West Orange

Dr. Moskowitz always has a way of making you see that everything is going to be ok, no matter how big or small the problem is. He always makes me feel like I am doing a great job as a mother. I always leave there feeling a sense of relief. ~Abbie, Bridgewater

Dr. Moskowitz and his staff have always been available no matter how small the problem, 24 hrs. a day 365 days a year. He’s provided sound guidance on how to care and raise our two children. He’s not a typical doctor who just looks to cure ailments. He’s genuinely interested in helping and educating his families to ensure that they are raising happy and healthy individuals. My husband and I have two wonderfully behaved, well-fed and very healthy children. I truly believe that it is due to the help of Dr. Moskowitz, Dr. Chin and the rest of the staff at the Pediatric Center. ~Megan, Summit

Dr. Moskowitz has a great bedside manner and always gives his undivided attention to the children. ~Kristin, Scotch Plains

Dr. Moskowitz has great bedside manners and is very knowledgeable. ~Rosemarie, Basking Ridge

Dr. Moskowitz is a less is more kind of doctor. He says how it is, and doesn’t give in to all the unnecessary things people say you need to do. ~Haley, New Providence

As a first time mom, I went desperate to Dr. Chin because my daughter was always gassy, colicky and constipated. She did not nap, she was fussy and I was tired of the pediatrician responses. I really needed an answer. When I met Dr. Chin everything was different. She had such a great job ethic and bedside manner. She took her time to meet my child’s needs as well as mine. She discovered that my daughter has a milk protein allergy while she personally was bottle feeding her and when she observed her behavior while being burped by Dr. Chin my child’s signs led to her having acid reflux. With the new formula Dr. Chin recommended as well as medication, our life has changed from night to day. Every pediatrician visit is amazing. I love Dr. Chin’s ethic and the fact that she has a real conviction to serve the community with professionalism and shows passion for what she does. ~Maria, Westfield

Dr. Chin always has a smile on, makes my children laugh and genuinely cares about my children. She makes time to get to know them and always answers my questions, no matter how silly they are. She makes going to the doctor pleasant for all of us! ~Shannon, Scotch Plain

 Dr. Chin takes the time and really listens to her patients and their parents. ~Christine, Fanwood

Dr. Chin knows my child and is always able to diagnose the problem ~Helen, South Bound Brook

Dr. Chin is kind, caring and I find that even with a simple diagnosis she takes the time to make sure it’s correct and doesn’t rush you. She is smart and professional. ~Joette, Chatham

Dr. Chin is kind, patient, smart and funny when you need it. Keep’s my daughter’s asthma and health the top priority. ~Darciena, Berkeley Heights

Dr. Chin is very patient, concerning, friendly and caring. ~Stacey, Madison

Dr. Clare always takes the time to make sure all of our needs are met and questions answered. ~Kaitlyn, Morristown

The Pediatric Center

Steven Moskowitz, MD; Kathleen L. Chin, MD; Denise Visci, MD

556 Central Ave., New Providence

This is an advertising profile from the December 2017 issue of New Jersey Family.